Guest speaker Robert Animikii Horton will present, "Gaa-Wiizhwenimigwen Ikwewag "We Will Love our Women" Gashkozin. Niibawin. Giigidoon. "Wake Up, Stand Up, Speak Up" - Sep 21, 2013 - First Nations Center - UW-Superior News and Events

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Guest speaker Robert Animikii Horton will present, "Gaa-Wiizhwenimigwen Ikwewag "We Will Love our Women" Gashkozin. Niibawin. Giigidoon. "Wake Up, Stand Up, Speak Up"

When: Sep 21, 2013 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM
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Guest speaker Robert Animikii Horton will present, Gaa-Wiizhwenimigwen Ikwewag We Will Love our Women Gashkozin. Niibawin. Giigidoon. Wake Up, Stand Up, Speak Up

Please join us Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 7:00 pm. at UW-Superior Yellowjacket Union in the Great Room on the 2nd floor.

Idle No More Duluth, The Native Alliance, The Red Lake Urban Office, North Homes Children and Family Services and the First Nations Center of UW-Superior are proud to present Robert Animikii Horton.

Robert Animikii Horton (Bebaamweyaazh) is a member of Rainy River First Nations, a citizen of the Anishinaabe Nation, and from the Marten Clan.

Horton is an educator, internationally-recognized speaker, social and political activist, university instructor, sociologist, and spoken-word poet. Much of his professional emphasis has centered on decolonization strategies, critical pedagogy, indigenous and anti-colonial education, sovereignty and Nationhood, treaty education, social justice, cultivating liberatory ideology, youth empowerment, and community solidarity.

Most recently, Horton's primary focus is on the matter of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women in Canada.

Horton currently serves on the Rainy River First Nations Trust (following the historic 2005 RRFN Land Claim), as a university instructor in Thunder Bay, and has recently been directly involved with; the Anishinaabemowin Anjimaamino Biijigaade Language Revitalization Project, as a Federal Consultation Coordinator for Grand Council Treaty #3, and developer of the Gikino Amawaagan First Nation Student Support Wheel which seeks to empower students and communities, forges long-term partnerships and equity between student support sources with the student kept central to all efforts, and is built utilizing traditional Anishinaabe cultural teachings, philosophies, epistemologies, and worldviews. He is currently a Trustee on the RRFN Land Claim Trust.

An avid writer, Horton's works have been published in various books such as "Honouring Indigenous Women: Hearts of Nations" (2013), "Feminism for Real: Deconstructing the Academic Industrial Complex of Feminism" (2011), and included in "Protecting the Circle: Aboriginal Men Ending Violence Against Women." Horton's writings - such as "An Open Letter of Apology to my First Nation and Indigenous Sisters", "From a First Nation Contrarian: Breaking the Spell", "Cherish Her: A Message to my First Nation Brothers", "I Dream: An Anishinaabe Dream for the Future", "Aboriginal: Words Can Be Covert Weapons", "Idle No More: A Sincere Challenge to my Brothers", and "Miigwech to our Elders" have also been published by various journalism and editorial sources.

In April 2013, Robert was awarded the St. Cloud State University Graduate of the Last Decade Award for Indigenous and First Nation leadership. Since December, Robert has been directly involved with the Idle No More movement and as a community organizer and orator across Canada. He holds a Bachelors of Sociology, Bachelors of Education, Masters of Sociology, Masters of Education, and an Ontario Secondary Teaching License.


Let's shatter the silence and step up now!

Idle No More Duluth, UW-Superior First Nations Center, Native Alliance, Red Lake Urban Office North Homes Child & Family Services proudly sponsor this event.

For additional information contact Gary Johnson at 715-394-8132

Event Contact: Kathy Rutherford | kruther1{atuws}
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