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Gender Studies Film Series RESCHEDULED

When: Feb 4, 2014 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM
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Gender Studies Film Series  RESCHEDULED

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The movie, Genderf*kation: A Gender Emancipation, by Esme Rodriguez will be shown in the Gender Equity Center (Swenson 1031) at 4:30 pm on Tue, Jan 28. Sponsored by Gender Studies and the Gender Equity Center. For more information contact or call 715-394-8091.

Story Synopsis:

Genderf*kation: A Gender Emancipation is a story of six individuals and their journeys and triumphs through the social, religious, and political landscapes of a society that struggles to understand or allow for gender variations. This documentary includes proactive interviews with professionals and outreach members who are active in this community to help shed light on a very controversial matter. This fillm breaks through the gender stereotypes and historical gender ideologies to liberate our bodies, minds, and spirits from our own social Gender Dysphoria. Althougth it is based in Minneaota, the subject matter has no borders. The subject of gender is a taboo topic in many societies, yet fundamental to every aspect of ouall of our lives. Forget everything you think you know about gender and experience a GENDERF*KATION!

The objective of thie film is to inform society of different perspectives on gender roles, identities, and lifestyles through personal stories and professional interviews. Genderf*kation: A Gender Emancipation intends to create awareness and acceptance of a misunderstood population in our society.

Event Contact: Tammy Fanning | tfanning{atuws}
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