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About the 2010 Progress Report and Visit

Higher Learning Commission

About the 2010 Progress Report and Visit

In February 2010 UW-Superior submitted a report to the NCA's Higher Learning Commission that reports on the steps the campus has taken to further its public liberal arts mission.

UW-Superior Public Liberal Arts Mission Progress Report - February 2010


The campus engaged in a comprehensive review and implementation process in preparation for the submission of the 2010 progress report.

Supporting Reports and Addenda

Summary of SWOT Themes - May 2006

Public Liberal Arts Mission Progress Report - December 2006

Strategic Priorities Document - January 2008

Liberal Arts Initiative, Timeline and Accomplishments - January 2008

University of Wisconsin - Superior Academic Plan - October 2009

Supplemental Documents

UW-Superior Unclassified Staff Handbook

UW-Superior Classified Staff Handbook

UW-Superior Student Conduct (Handbook)

UW-Superior Catalog 2008-2010

Distance Learning Identity Verification Policy

Institutional Snapshot

UW-Superior - College Navigator Profile - National Center for Education Statistics, US Department of Education

UW-Superior College Portrait - Voluntary System of Accountability

UW-Superior Facts - Institutional Research Web Site

UW-Superior Faculty Demography -
2008 and 2009

UW-Superior Financial Aid Assistance

UW-Superior Financial Statements

UW-System Financial Report 2009

HLC Focused Visit - 2010

The campus hosted the HLC visit team on March 29 and 30th of 2010.  

Higher Learning Commission Focused Visit Report -  May 2010 


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