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Inclement Weather Advisories

Posted on Jan 3, 2011

With the arrival of cold weather, it is time to review the policies and procedures to follow in case of inclement weather.

Because local weather differs from area to area of the state, the authority to close a campus to the public, cancel classes or close the campus entirely has been delegated to the Chancellor.  However, it is the state's policy to keep state offices open for employees even when severe weather causes them to be closed to the public.  Always assume that the campus will not be closed.

On occasion, the university may suspend classes due to inclement weather; however, all other operations at the university continue, necessitating non-teaching staff to report to work.  Locations for updates on the status for campus, when necessary, can be found on the UW-Superior home page, the UW-Superior Weather Hotline which can be accessed directly at 715-394-8400 as well as media sources in the Twin Ports Area. The UW-Superior Weather Hotline voicemail message will be updated by 6 a.m. for information regarding day-time classes, and by 2 p.m. for evening and night classes.  Faculty and staff are asked to wait until the times above to call because numerous incoming calls may interfere with a weather message update.  University Relations will continue to update local radio and television stations which broadcast weather-related changes and cancellations when inclement weather strikes.  Please understand the difference between canceling classes and closing the campus - assume the campus is open even though it may be reported as closed by the media.

If you cannot report to work, contact your supervisor.  Employees who cannot report to work due to inclement weather conditions may use paid leave (other than sick leave) or the employee may elect to use leave without pay.

Any non-exempt employee-individuals who are eligible to receive overtime for over 40 hours worked in the work week-who can't make it to work, or leaves work early because of weather conditions, can charge this absence to vacation, personal holiday, compensatory time if available, or take leave without pay.  Employees will be allowed to work to make up for lost time during the current work week as scheduled by the employer.  Make-up time shall be at the regular rate of pay.  All represented employees should check their respective contracts for specific information about the inclement weather provisions.

In general, exempt employees will have the opportunity to make up lost time due to inclement weather during the current or next pay period as scheduled by the employer or may elect to use vacation, personal holiday, compensatory time or leave without pay.

The Chancellor and Provost have reminded us that UW-Superior policy says that classes will meet as usual unless there is formal notification of cancellation from the Chancellor's Office or the University Relations Office.  If there is no such notice, classes will meet as scheduled.  Individuals who must travel to and from campus should use their judgment as to whether or not such travel is wise.  Should it be necessary to cancel a class due to the absence of a faculty member, it is the responsibility of that individual to notify his/her department chairperson and to schedule appropriate make-up sessions.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact Peggy Fecker at 715-394-8365.


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