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NEW: Upper Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (UMW HERC)

Posted on Oct 19, 2011
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NEW: Upper Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (UMW HERC)

UW Superior has become a member of the Upper Midwest Higher Education.

Recruitment Consortium (UMW HERC). This collaboration of more than 50 colleges and universities in Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin was formed to enhance dual career and diversity hiring.  It is a premier example of the higher education community working together to advance the region.

The UMW HERC region consists of five sub-regions:  Lake Superior, Lakes and Valley, Minneapolis/St. Paul Metropolitan Area, Mississippi River Valley, and Southern Prairie. Job seekers may focus their searches on colleges in a particular sub-region.

Many benefits accrue to UMW HERC member institutions.  UW Superior's participation increases its national and regional visibility, encourages candidate retention and position acceptance, allows for the cost-effective and efficient posting of all jobs, indicates work/life sensitivity, and promotes the region and sub-region.

A vital feature of the UMW HERC is its regional Web site,  The site can be used to find faculty and staff job postings at all member institutions. For example, if a spouse or partner is considering or has already accepted a job offer, the other spouse or partner will be able to monitor opportunities for him or herself. The couple also has access to diversity, cultural, and business resources in their selected sub-region.

The HERC concept originated in northern California in 2000 and the model has spread across the country. Approximately 500 public and private colleges, universities, and teaching hospitals in Metro New York/Southern Connecticut, Michigan, New England, New Jersey/Eastern Pennsylvania/Delaware, Northern California, Southern California, Upstate New York, the Mid-Atlantic states, the Chicago area, and the St. Louis area are now members of regional HERCs. The national HERC Web site is at The organization has received recognition and support in such publications as the Chronicle of Higher Education, Diverse Issues in Higher Education, and Women in Higher Education.
In addition to the Human Resource Department providing job posting on, our HERC membership also includes recruitment postings. We look forward to using the UMW HERC as a recruitment and retention tool.  For more information about the UMW HERC, contact Peggy Fecker at 715-394-8365 or or Mary Everley at 612-626-0775 or

News Contact: Christal Vang | 715-394-8133 | cvang26{atuws}
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