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Student Involvement

Leadership Resources

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Leadership Rubrics: A way to assess where you are in your leadership and how to move forward.

Use the rubrics below either on your own as a student leaders or with your advisor or mentor. Each of you assess where you currently are along the rubrics. Once the initial assessment is complete talk about where you are in your leadership journey and where you would like to go. 

Create an action plan and revisit it often!


Effective Meetings

Fiscal Responsibility

Membership Selection

Teams and Groups

Looking for something specific?

As with all information, leadership resources are constantly growing and changing. It is our hope to keep you as informed as possible on the latest leadership scholarship!

Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us!

Meghan O'Toole-Gott, Lead Student for Leadership Development, or Ann Miller, Assistant Dean of Students - Leadership Development


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