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New UW-Superior student ID cards can be used for voting

Posted on Dec 1, 2011
UW-Superior's new student ID cards meet state requirements for voting.
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New UW-Superior student ID cards can be used for voting

University of Wisconsin-Superior students who need an identification card to vote in Wisconsin will be able to use the new student ID cards that the university began issuing this fall.

A new state law requires voters to show a photo identification card at the polls. The law allows university students to use their student ID cards if those cards meet certain state requirements.

Vice Chancellor of Campus Life Vicki Hajewski said the student ID cards that UW-Superior began issuing at the beginning of this semester have been approved by the state to serve as voter ID cards for students.

In addition to displaying a student's name and photo, the new cards now include the student's signature and dates indicating when the card was issued and when it will expire. The signature and dates were needed for the cards to serve as valid identification for voting.

Changing the forms used for the ID cards involved a small additional expense, Hajewski said.

"For us it was an easy decision," she said. "We want our students to vote. Part of our mission is to education civic-minded students, so want to make it easy for them to vote."

In addition to the new student ID cards, students casting ballots in Wisconsin will need to prove they are a currently registered student, which can be done by printing a copy of their fee schedule through the E-Hive portal. They also will need to show proof of a local address.

Many students enrolling at UW-Superior this fall already have the new student ID cards. Any student with an old photo ID card who desires one of the new ID cards can get one free at the Yellowjacket Union information desk by turning in their old card.

Hajewski noted that the longer students wait to get new ID cards, the longer their cards will be valid for voting. The card's expiration date applies only for voting. It will remain a valid student ID card as long as the holder is enrolled at UW-Superior.

Six other campuses in the University of Wisconsin System plan to issue a second ID card to students who need one for voter identification. So far UW-Superior is the only campus to make its main ID card compliant with the new voting law.

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