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More campus projects set for 2012

Posted on Jan 19, 2012
The UW-Superior campus community will see several more building projects in 2012.
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This drawing shows approximately how the entrance will appear to the renovated Ross and Hawkes residence halls.

This drawing shows approximately how the entrance will appear to the renovated Ross and Hawkes residence halls.

UW-Superior's biggest wave of construction in 40 years continues with several significant projects in 2012. Two buildings will undergo renovation, two others will disappear, and a new greenhouse will mark the conclusion of the Swenson Hall project.

Since 2001, UW-Superior has built the Marcovich Wellness Center, Yellowjacket Union and Swenson Hall, and renovated Jim Dan Hill Library. The final steps of the Swenson Hall project include dismantling Sundquist and McCaskill halls and building a new campus greenhouse - all to be done this spring and summer.

In addition, beginning this summer and continuing into 2013, Ross and Hawkes halls will undergo major renovation to provide new on-campus living options for students.

Here is what will happen and when it will take place:

Sundquist Hall dismantling -- January-February

Sundquist Hall on Catlin Avenue is being dismantled with the goal of recycling at least 50 percent of its materials.

Workers are concluding the removal of hazardous materials from the building. Demolition of the structure is expected to begin Jan. 30 and take about three weeks. Once the building is gone, the site will be filled. It will serve as green space and be available for future development.

The 61-year-old building originally was a men's residence hall, but it served for several decades as a faculty office building. The state has deemed Sundquist Hall obsolete, and it's no longer needed now that Swenson Hall is open. The Swenson Hall project included funding for Sundquist's removal.  

McCaskill Hall dismantling -- February-March

Also set for dismantling is McCaskill Hall, another building the state deemed obsolete. The goal for razing this building also will be to recycle at least half its materials.

Removal of hazardous materials is under way. Demolition of the structure is expected to begin at the end of February and be completed by mid-March.

Once the structure is removed, the site will be filled

McCaskill Hall was built in 1957 as an elementary school, but it has served as a college classroom and lab building for several decades. The opening of Swenson Hall also made this building surplus. The Swenson Hall project also included money for McCaskill's removal.

New greenhouse -- May-August

As McCaskill Hall is dismantled, utilities will be provided to the adjoining Stanley Oexemann Greenhouse so it can operate as a free-standing structure.

Construction is expected to begin in May or June of a new greenhouse attached to the east end of the existing Barstow Hall breezeway. Plans call for it to be completed in time for plants to be transferred from the old greenhouse to the new structure by the start of the Fall 2012 semester.

The new greenhouse will retain the name Stanley Oexemann Greenhouse. It will be about 450 square feet smaller than the current structure, but it will include a "tall house" portion to accommodate large plants.

Funding for the new greenhouse is part of the Swenson Hall project. Once it is completed, the old greenhouse will be razed.  

Ross-Hawkes renovation -- July 2012-August 2013

Preliminary architectural drawings are being reviewed for the project to renovate Ross and Hawkes residence halls and join them with a common lobby.

Groundbreaking is expected in July for the first half of the project - converting Hawkes Hall from an office building back to its original use as a residence hall and building a new lobby to joined Hawkes with neighboring Ross Hall. That work is expected to be completed in December 2012.

Once Hawkes Hall is completed, students will occupy the building while renovation of Ross Hall begins in January 2013. Work on that building is expected to be completed by August 2013.

The Ross-Hawkes renovation project will result in creation of 96 suite-style spaces, 80 single spaces and 264 double spaces. The residence halls will be able to house 440 students -- that's about 200 students more than Ross Hall can currently accommodate. The approximately $15.2 million renovation is funded by student fees.









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