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Brenda Antonich, UW-Superior Alumna, Publishes First Book

Posted on Aug 2, 2013
Red Cliff Ojibwe Alumna wrote and illustrated her first book entitled, The 7 Clans of the Anishinaabe.
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Brenda Antonich, UW-Superior Alumna, Publishes First Book

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Brenda Antonich, 1997 and 2002 UW-Superior alumna and second grade teacher with the Duluth Public Schools, has authored her first book entitled, The 7 Clans of the Anishinaabe. "I enjoyed learning more about the culture I was raised in, through the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe Reservation, UW-Superior, and Gary Johnson. I took the knowledge to create a book that allows everyone to learn more about the Native American culture."

Brenda earned her first Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication in 1997, and returned to receive an Elementary Education teaching degree with a First Nations Studies minor in 2002. She is currently in the Masters of Education program at UW-Superior. She stated, "I was drawn to teaching about the Native American culture through my perosnal experience and the classes I took at UWS taught by Mr. Gary Johnson, Assistant Professor of the First Nations Studies Department. After graduation, I went on to teach first and second grades at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe School in Hayward, WI. Now I am teaching second grade at Myers-Wilkins Elementary School, formerly known as Nettleton Elementary School, in Duluth."

Brenda mentioned that while she worked as a teacher at Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe School that she noticed the wonderful balance of Native culture blended with state and federal standard requirements for math and reading. She realized then that she wanted that for her current students as well. She found her school's social studies curriculum requirements is, not limited to, states (4.15) 'North America was populated by Indigenous Nations that had developed a wide range of social structures, political systems, and economic activities, and whose expansive trade networks extended across the continent (before European contact). She then researched what books might be available to aid in her teachings of Native American culture but she came to the realization that there were no books found for the elementery level. This is when she decided to write a children's book about Anishinaabe culture. In her own words, "I wanted to create an easy to understand book of information that would help my students connect our current government system with the Native American cultural system of government. I wanted my students to not only make personal connections within their own family structures but learn how to work together anywhere they may be; whether they are in school or in their own community."

About the book:

The 7 Clans of the Anishinaabe simply educates and informs people how the Anishinaabe, or First People, delegated jobs and ran the tribal community peacefully and smoothly. The clans were based on certain animals that each tribal member was born into. The 7 Clans children's book takes an easy to understand approach to how the Ojibwe culture blended individual differences and strengths to live harminously and peacefully with each other (taken from book). The book is written and illustrated by Brenda. The book is published by Xlibris Corporation and is available for purchase at or

More about Brenda:

Brenda is tribal member of the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa in Red Cliff, WI. Her great-grandfather, Frank Belanger, founded the Belanger Settlement in Cornicopia, Wisconsin which has become the Frank Belanger Settlement Historical Society. She is married and has two children. They reside in Superior, Wisconsin.

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