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Office of Multicultural Affairs

Diversity Dialogues

Diversity Dialogues are an opportunity for discussion on topics of diversity that impact our campus culture. These forums set out to explore race, sex, gender, and abilities in a safe and productive environment.

Superior Interaction's "Little Pieces"

Interactive theatre illuminates stories of depression, LGBTQ+ life, and sexual assault on college campuses.

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Three Diversity Dialogues at UW-Superior:

February 7, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Ross/Hawkes Link

February 9, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Multicultural Center, Old Main 232

February 10, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Multicultural Center, Old Main 232

Superior Interaction returns to UW-Superior in February 2015 with its newly developed original production of "Little Pieces," directed by Communicating Arts graduate student, Simona Simkins.

Created by, for, and about UW-Superior students, "Little Pieces" depicts true stories of three critical issues facing our campus: the stigmas attached to people dealing with depression, finding acceptance by friends and a safe space to thrive as an LGBTQ+ student, and coping with the aftermath of sexual assault.

The actors developed the script from both the lessons learned during issues training, as well as the real-life narratives gathered from their peers during story-sharing sessions. The topics that emerged were then improvised and collaboratively crafted into the final scenes. During the performance, the audience will be invited to take part in a discussion on these important topics, learning from the each other and creating an even safer and more welcoming campus community. 

Artistic Director, Simona Simkins, hopes the audience will walk away with a sense of hope and empowerment for the future of our campus, "If you'd like to increase authentic dialogue and understanding at UW-Superior, "Little Pieces" is a must-see." 

Free and open to the public.

Content Warning: Production contains adult language.

For more information, please email Simona Simkins at ssimkin1@uwsuper.edu

Funded in part by the Young Leaders Fund of the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation, Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Student Health and Counseling Services.

"Little Pieces" Flyer


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Alumni Focused "Making a Difference"

When: Apr 8, 2015 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM 

UW-Superior Alumni will share reflections/recognition of individuals who have made a difference for them while they were attending school at UW-Superior. UW-Superior diverse alumni were given a chance to nominate a faculty or staff member who has made a difference for them while they attended the university. These stories will be voted on by a committee who will decide which stories will be featured during this recognition event. All nominations will be recognized. However, selected stories will be shared by the Alumni themselves about why they chose the individual that helped shape their life here at UW-Superior. 

14 nominations have been made thus far, and will be announced shortly.

Last semester, diverse students had the opportunity to nominate a faculty or staff member who has "Made a Difference" with them and based on the success of that event we wanted to let alumni have the opportunity as well. 

This event will happen on April 8, 2015 at 5 pm - 7 pm in the Multicultural Center, Old Main 232. The event is free and open to the campus and community. 

Co-sponsors include: UW-Superior's Office of Multicultural Affairs and Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Any questions please contact Ivy Vainio at yvainio@uwsuper.edu or 715-394-8415.


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