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Campus Recreation

Program Options

The Superior Challenge Ropes Course offers a variety of programs to meet your groups needs and goals.  Each program is designed to utilize your group's strengths and improve weaknesses. Program options are available for participants of all ages, ability levels, time constraints and physical/cognitive limitations.

Group Development - Initiatives and Low Course (2-3 hours)

The Group Development program is a great way for groups of people to get to know one another in an informal, fun and interesting way.  This options fosters communication, problem solving and promotes teamwork.  Most groups who utilize this program usually do not know each other very well or at all, or they have time constraints.  Participants can expect a variety of initiative problems, games, and group challenges designed to get the group members working together more effectively.  In this program, all participants do every activity on the ground.  No high elements are included in this option.

Half Day Low Course (4 hours)

The Low Course program begins with a discussion of group goals and expectations.  This is followed by a series of group games designed to have participants become better acquainted and prepare them for a fun, positive experience.  Next, the group engages in a series of low course elements built into the wooded surroundings.  These elements increase in difficulty and usually present challenges that can only be effectively met through cooperative interaction. Debriefing throughout the day ties the experience together and facilitates the transfer of the shared experiences back to each participant's everyday life. 

Half Day High Course (4-5 hours)

The Half-Day High Course includes fun games, ground school orientation and the high course program.  Groups are encouraged to participate in the low course first, but this program is created for groups seeking a more fun experience and slightly less focused on team building.  It is popular for reunions, birthday parties and groups with busier schedules.

Half Day Low & High Course (5-6 hours)

This program option is our most popular because it encompasses all the benefits of the low and high course, but in a condensed version.  Groups can expect to move through fun games on the ground, work through physical and mental challenges on the low course and finish the day on the high course. This program will stretch each individual and bond the group together. The day will include debriefing in order to tie the whole experience together and facilitate the transfer of the shared experiences back to each participant's everyday life. 

Full Day Low & High Course (7-8 hours)

The Full Day program offers the regular half-day low course as outlined above with the added benefits and features of the high course.  After completing the low course and a short lunch break, participants go through ground school orientation and learn safety features and elements of the high course.  The high course offer both mental and physical challenges to the individual, as opposed to the group.  The support and encouragement from the group offers those on the high course to have shared experiences as experienced from the low course. To exit the high course, participants can either repel off of one of our tall towers or zip-line over 400 feet!

Custom Experience

Not sure exactly what program you're looking for? Let us design a custom 
experience that will meet your groups needs.  Contact us for more information.

To book your group or for more information contact Campus Recreation at (715) 395-4647 or ADVENTURES@uwsuper.edu 

"You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation."  - Plato

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