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MWC Faculty & Staff Memberships now available through Payroll Deduction!

Posted on Aug 23, 2010
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MWC Faculty & Staff Memberships now available through Payroll Deduction!

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It's that time of year! Don't forget to RENEW or PURCHASE your MWC membership!

We will be accepting Payroll Deduction Forms (as payment) for your Memberships, Locker Rental, and SOAP Memberships. We also accept cash, check, or Visa/Mastercard.

If you are unsure if you'd like to purchase a pass, feel free to walk over to the MWC and the student staff will give you a tour and be happy to answer any questions related to the perks of being a MWC member!

The variety of memberships we offer are outlined below. Please note that the Payroll Deduction option is ONLY for UWS Faculty/Staff and the paperwork must be processed BEFORE September 15, 2010.

Check out the Campus Recreation Website for more details about the MWC Facility and Membership benefits:

The hours for the Swimming Pool and Climbing Wall will begin during week one of the semester and will be posted on our website. There will also be copies available @ the MWC Welcome Desk. The Group X Class schedule will begin the week of September 13! Any membership allows for access to all of these areas, as well as the Weight Room, Fitness/Cardio Room, Racquetball Courts, Gym, and Fieldhouse! You have a great opportunity to stay in shape during the school year right here in your back yard!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call the MWC Welcome Desk @x4610 and the student staff can answer them!!!

Be sure to watch for our "Well Bee-ing Wednesday" Wellness Sessions starting on September 29 (FREE YOGA)!!!! You will receive a PINK flyer in your mailbox this week!


Faculty & Staff Memberships: Memberships may be purchased at the Welcome Desk located in the Marcovich Wellness Center at a price of $60 per semester, or $160 for the year. Semester dates run from the first day of school thru December 30 and then January 2 thru the end of finals week (graduation weekend). Summer Semester begins the day after Graduation thru August 31. Faculty and Staff have the option of payroll deduction for MWC memberships, lockers, and SOAP Membership, but must be must fill out a membership application form before September 15th, 2010 for semester 1 or by January 30, 2011 for semester 2.

Family Membership: Faculty/Staff and Students can purchase a family membership at the Welcome Desk for $60 per semester, or $160 for the year. Semester dates are the same as the Faculty/Staff dates (see above). Family passes may be obtained for a spouse, domestic partner or dependants. Dependants must be under the age of 18, unless the dependant is 18 years old and is still in high school. Children under the age of 15 must be escorted by the parent to use the facility. In order to use the fitness or weight room, users must be 17 years old. Children under the age of 5 may participate with family activities at no charge. Faculty/Staff may purchase a family membership only after they have purchased their individual membership.

Faculty/Staff Emeritus Membership: Retired Teaching Faculty who are deemed Emeritus by the UW board of regents are offered an equivalent membership as current UWS Faculty/Staff at the rate of $60/semester. The will hold a valid UWS ID Card and complete the same Membership Form as current Faculty/Staff.

Faculty/Staff WALKING ONLY Membership: This membership is valid to UWS Faculty/Staff to utilize the FH Walking Track for the specific limited days and times. Cost is $50/academic year to walk Monday-Friday from 6am-8am and 12noon-1pm ONLY. This is NOT offered to Community or Alumni, only to current UWS Faculty/Staff.

Community and Alumni Memberships: Community members and UWS Alumni of the university are able to purchase a membership to the Marcovich Wellness Center. The memberships are available in four-month blocks (Jan-April, May-Aug, and Sept-Dec). On the 1st and 15th of each month the rates are pro-rated. Community rates are $200/ semester (four month block) and Alumni pay $180/ semester (four month block). Family memberships are not available for community/alumni members.

UW System Student Membership: Students who are part or full time students at any other UW-System affiliated college or university may purchase a MWC Membership for $20/month valid in the summer months and winter break. This offers opportunity for local Superior residents who have chosen to attend another UW school.

UW Superior Retiree Membership: Faculty or Staff that retire from UWS are eligible for a membership at the rate of $100/semester and $75/summer. We will offer the same price for their spouse or partner for an additional $100/semester or $75/summer. Semester dates are the same as the Faculty/Staff dates (see above).

MWC Daily Guest Passes and Punch Cards: MWC daily guest passes and punch cards can be purchased at the Welcome Desk. MWC day passes are $7, guest passes are $5, with each pass good for one day. In order to qualify for a guest pass, the individual must be accompanied by a membership holder, and must sign the Daily Guest Pass Form at the Welcome Desk. The yellow customer copy is their valid pass for the day. 5 Visit Discount Punch cards are $25. Anyone can purchase a Punch Card. Children 5 and under (or in school) may use the facility with the parent/guardian at no charge. Use of the climbing wall would require an additional fee.

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