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SOAP Hikes the Superior Hiking Trail

Posted on May 13, 2011
SOAP Guide Calvin Wing remembers an early spring hike

This was a gorgeous afternoon for a hike. Earlier in the past week the weather had been very poor. There had been scattered thunder storms with sleet and high winds, but for this Tuesday we had a very nice cool sunny afternoon.  We hiked a nice part of the Superior Hiking Trail, with the trail head being in Fon Du Lac, which offered a very nice landscape in which to hike through.  It was beautiful to start seeing some green showing up on the ground.  We took a trail that took us up a hill side where we could see the slopes of Spirit Mountain, which offered a wonderful view of Duluth.             

This trip was my first trip to lead solo.  I found myself being a little anxious and nervous prior to take off, but once we were on the road my apprehension went away.  I had a great group of people that afternoon.  Each one of the participants brought with them a great and fun personality which made the hike that much more enjoyable.            

Overall the hike was a complete success and I find myself having more confidence when it comes to leading a group of people.  I had never really had any prior experience in this field so it was great to finally partake in something with as much responsibility as this.  I personally cannot wait to lead another SOAP trip.

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