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UW Portals of Discovery (NSF) Grants of $4,500 to increase STEM graduates

Posted on Aug 27, 2010
Attention Math, Science and Technology Faculty and Student Support Staff
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UW Portals of Discovery (NSF) Grants of $4,500 to increase STEM graduates

The NSF (National Science Foundation) is funding projects that increase the number of STEM graduates in Wisconsin.

Projects that will be awarded grant dollars will:

  • Create a seamless pipeline of STEM education bridging the high schools, two year colleges, and four year colleges through the integration of transformative, real-world research and mentoring experiences.
  • Facilitate the establishment of new collaboration teams of faculty and peer mentors from two year and four year campuses.
  • Target talented and underrepresented populations of students through recruitment and outreach.
  • Develop new curriculum which will increase STEM skill sets early in the students' college career. 

Our successes at UW-Superior in promoting undergraduate research and existing collaborations with 2-year colleges and K-12 school gives us a strong foundation to apply for these NSF grant dollars.  What ideas do you and your department have for partnering with a two-year UW school and advancing students to STEM field? 

Strategic support is available through the UW-Superior Grants and Research Office. Applications are due December 31, 2010 with awards being made in January 2010. Five grants will be awarded for 2010-2011. Learn more about the NSF grants at NSF Portal of Discovery.

If you are interested in applying or want to talk about ideas, please call Kaelene at UW-Superior Grants and Research Office.  

News Contact: Kaelene Arvidson-Hicks | 715-394-8488 | karvids1{atuws}
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