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Connecting to ResNet

Network/Wireless Registration Instructions               

The following steps will help you gain access to the UW-Superior network or wireless network with your computer in your room.  Follow these basic steps before contacting ResNet for assistance.

1.       Plug in your network cable to the appropriate jack, or enable your wireless connection.  DO NOT USE BOTH.  If you use an Ethernet cable, the cord will look like a phone cord, but instead of having 4 little gold ends, it will have 8.  Ostrander residents will plug their Ethernet cable in to the black ports, while everyone else uses the orange port.

2.       Open your web browser.  PC users, Internet Explorer MUST be your default browser in order for Cisco NAC to work correctly.  MAC and Linux users, you may use your selected browser.

3.       Log in to the first page of Cisco NAC using your UW-Superior username and password, or your provided WITC, LSC, or DBU user account.  Linux users, you will gain network access after this point.  Windows and MAC users, continue through these instructions.

4.       Install the Cisco NAC (C-NAC) agent (follow the on-screen instructions).

5.       Install the C-NAC updates (if any, follow the on-screen instructions).

6.       When C-NAC  is installed, you will need to sign in to the actual C-NAC  program.  MAC users, you will be granted network access at this time.  Windows users, C-NAC  will guide you through the installation of whatever your computer needs that it requires.  C-NAC  will look for XP service pack 3, Vista service pack 2 , Windows updates, and a antivirus program that has updated virus definitions.  If you do not have a valid antivirus program, or your virus definitions are out of date, then you will need to install one of the school antivirus programs (links will be provided during the C-NAC scan).  Once the appropriate software is installed, C-NAC will allow you network access.

a.       If you are required to install any upgrades or software, C-NAC will give you buttons to select from in order to install the necessary upgrades and/or software.  Select REPAIR or UPDATE to install the necessary updates and/or software.  This may take a few minutes or more.

7.       If you need to install an antivirus program, you will need to select the appropriate version of Symantec that will co-inside with your windows operating system (32-bit or 64-bit).  If you select the wrong version, the installation will fail and you will need to select a different one.

NOTE: If you plan on using the wireless network, make sure you enable your wireless on your laptop, select 'UWS-ResNet', then follow the instructions above.

C-NAC is designed to be a real-time protector of the UW-Superior network.  Every time you shut your computer down, you will have to sign in to C-NAC.  The scans will go much quicker, but you will have to log back in.  If you choose to leave your computer on 24/7, C-NAC will disconnect your network every 48 hours, so be aware of this before starting any prolonged internet usage (for example, PC gaming).

If you have a video game system that you wish to hook up to the internet, you will need to bring your gaming device to ResNet (system, power cord, controller, television hookups), and we will get your system to use on-line.

Computer users, after you try the steps above and you have any further questions, please contact ResNet at 715-394-8439, or stop down by our office.  We're located in Basement B of the Yellowjacket Union, room 26.

Welcome back, and have a great year!
ResNet Staff

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