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Posted on Jul 2, 2012
Do you ever need a room or building unlocked outside of normal campus hours? We've now made it easier for you to make these requests!

Do you ever need a room or building unlocked/locked outside of normal campus hours? 

We've made it easier for you to make these requests! 

We have an on-line special request form on our web site for requesting the unlocking/locking of buildings and/or rooms. 

See what the on-line form looks like here

By clicking the SUBMIT button your request will go directly to the Campus Safety e-mail group.  We will send you back a reply e-mail that says, Printed out for the duty officer(s), when we have received your request.

We look forward to receiving all of your future building and room unlock/lock requests in this manner.  This will help us to better serve your needs by giving us a standard special request for everyone that we can all understand and use.  You will have the option of printing out your request after you have submitted it to us, if you choose.

NOTEPlease do not submit your special request to us any more than two weeks in advance of your event.

Thank you for your cooperation in using our on-line special building and room unlock/lock request form.

Please complete the Building/Room Unlock Request Form with any special building/room unlock/lock up special requests. 

 Thank You!

News Contact: Michael Bodin | 715-394-8247 | mbodin{atuws}
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