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Program Prioritization: FAQs

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Strategic Plan

Program Prioritization: FAQs

FAQs about Program Prioritization

General program prioritization FAQ

FAQ for preparing reports: Academic Program Review Template

Both Appendix A and Appendix B

Q: Are these two appendices being completed for each program report (as defined by the process) or for the  entire department?

A: These are being completed at the department level. Department chairs may have discipline area faculty enter these separately and then collate them into one departmental list.

Q: On these Appendices do we list faculty and staff by name?

A: No. For each person on which you report, not what role (per column heading) they inhabit. Otherwise names are not needed. These are summary matrixes.

Q: How do we report the service and scholarship of part-time staff and adjuncts

A: Count the committee service (Appendix A) and scholarship (Appendix B) for any FT faculty and academic staff and for any PT academic staff or adjuncts carrying a 50% or better teaching load.

Appendix A

Q: On the committee service appendix, how should one include being an advisor to a student group or organization?

A: Appendix A is a committee service matrix.  Please don't count other forms of service on it.  Eventually the campus will have to address workload; at that point all forms of service will need to receive close attention, with eventual data collection to discover and delineate all forms service activities take.

Appendix B

Q: On the scholarship matrix, should I include articles and books written during that time period, but were either not accepted or are not yet ready to publish? Or should I include only things that were accepted and/or published during the time period?

A: You could include in progress scholarship, as well as that submitted and accepted. Mark the in-progress items as (IP).

Q: On Appendix B, should bigger outside grants that one has written and submitted during this time period (but not had yet funded) be noted as scholarship and as in progress?

A: As a grant application requires considerable scholarship to provide a foundation, if it is to be successful. If your department "counts" it as scholarship, please include it. Mark anything not yet funded or still in progress as (IP).


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