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Strategic Plan: Planning Teams

Strategic Planning Steering Committee

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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan: Planning Teams

Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC):

Brett Jones, Jerry Hembd, Liz Blue (CIPT), Faith Hensrud (CIPT Chair)

The role of this committee is to keep the strategic planning process moving forward by holding the research groups accountable and on task. The SPSC will work directly with our consultant, Dr. Steve Reno, and the Continuous Improvement and Planning Team (CIPT) to solicit broad campus and community input, as well as to develop the initiatives and goals for the Strategic Plan.


CIPT Strategic Planning Research Groups:

The eight research groups are supported by the Office of Institutional Research and draw upon numerous reports and planning documents to include (but not limited to): HLC Self-Study and Accreditation Report of the Higher Learning Commission, Huron Consulting Report, Making Excellence Inclusive Committee recommendations, Enrollment Reports, Inclusive Excellence, Strategic Planning Update from 2012, annual reports and planning documents, PBC Report, Academic Program Reviews, and numerous other resources used in our HLC Self-Study.

(Team Leaders, * CIPT Members)

Group One: "Who are the constituencies we currently serve and who are the ones we could potentially serve?"

Jordan Appicelli, Deborah Faul, Mary McCauley*, Mary Churchill

Group Two: "What is the demonstrated need for the programs we currently offer?" "How effective are they?"

Emily Zobel*, Leah Kohlts, Mary Balcer*, Tim Cleary, David Orts, Cathy Fank

Group Three: "Who are our competitors and what distinctive advantages do we have (or could have) relative to them?"

Ryan Kreuser*, Brent Notbohm, Dan Stauber, Pam Bustos, Ethan Christensen, Jessica Schlauderaff*

Group Four: "What forces external to the University could affect its future either positively or negatively?"

Jenice Meyer*, Sue Masterson, Lynne Williams, Rick Moran, Brenda Dalpiaz, Jon Garver

Group Five: "What forces internal (including mission, vision and finances) to the University could affect its future either positively or negatively?"

Eleni Pinnow, Wendy Kropid*, Dede Herrick, Joe Mooney, Dorothy Frechette*, Khalil "Haji" Dokhanchi*

Group Six: "What is the current culture of our University and what should it be?"

Vicki Hajewski*, Maria Cuzzo, Chris Cherry, Sarah LaChance Adams, Sakib Mahmud

Group Seven: "What are our current revenue sources and what should they be?"

Jeff Kahler*, Harry Anderson, Vaughn Russom, Mark MacLean, Jeanne Thompson, Steve Nelson, Kara Schmidt*, Scott McNorton

Group Eight: "What mechanisms do we have to assess the quality of our core functions and how effective are those?" "How do we use our processes such as strategic planning to track progress toward goals?" "How do we know if we are successful?"

Jim Lane*, Monica Roth Day, Aaron Yates, Kathy Pykkonen, Paul Eberhardt, Laura Jacobs*


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