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Categories:Human Diversity, Recreational, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Eleni Pinnow epinnow@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Kelli Erickson kerick32@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Alliance serves the University of Wisconsin-Superior community by providing support and promoting visibility and awareness for the LGBT+ student issues.

Alternative Spring Break

Advisor:Olivia Seifert oseifert@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Jasmyn Marten jmarten4@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Our mission is to allow students to actively enrich the lives of those who are less fortunate in our nation. Students will be doing this by traveling over their spring break to work with Habitat for Humanity Collegiate Challenge affiliates.

American Choral Directors Association

Advisor:Dr. Matthew Olson molson90@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:ACDA; Samuel Gray uws.acda@gmail.com; SGRAY3@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To provide educational experiences for future choral directors and all interested in choral music education and to represent the university at regional and national ACDA events.

Amnesty International

Categories:Social Activism, Human Diversity, Political
Advisor:Haji Dokhanchi KDokhanc@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Amnesty International;Amber Verhel uwsamnestyinternational@uwsuper.edu; acoy@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To promote and defend human rights at University of Wisconsin-Superior.

Anthropology Club

Categories:Academic, Human Diversity
Advisor:Deborah Augsberger daugsbur@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:John Kronenwetter jkronenw@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The mission of AUWS is to share experiences, pieces of interest, and make available new opportunities for learning in the field of Anthropology.

Art Club

Advisor:Tim Cleary tcleary@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Darrin Stewart dstewa12@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of University of Wisconsin - Superior Art Club organization is to further and promote art through the self expression and creativity in forms of communal and/or curricular art events for the community.


BBQ Club

Categories:Social Activism, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Keith Douglas kdouglas@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Kiefer Kleinschmidt kkleins4@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:We BBQ for other Campus events and other student clubs.

Beta Nu Phi

Categories:Academic, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Terry McGlasson tmcglass@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Chris Wright cwrigh13@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Beta Nu Phi was established to recognize and promote excellence in the counseling profession.

Black Student Union

Categories:Social Activism, Human Diversity, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Ephraim Nikoi enikoi@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Yoel Yohannes yyohanne@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To create a union that represents diversity on campus, focusing on cultures found in the African and African-American groups.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Dr. Sakib Mahmud smahmud@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Iuri Lucias Lima De Jesus ilimadej@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Teaching students how to defend themselves


Chinese Students and Scholars Association

Categories:Social Activism, Governing
Advisor:Shin-Ping Liu Tucker stucker5@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Xie Wei xwei@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The Chinese Students and Scholars Association is dedicated to communicate Chinese culture with other various cultures around the world and committed to promote social, cultural and intellectual activities for Chinese students and scholars at UWS.

Circle of Native Nations

Categories:Human Diversity
Advisor:Gary Johnson gjohnson@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Alex Gokee agokee@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To promote American Indian Cultural Awareness.

Colleges Against Cancer

Categories:Social Activism, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Donya Shehan-King dshehan@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Emily Johnson EJOHNS71@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Colleges Against Cancer strives to provide information about cancer awareness and prevention through social programming and awareness events.

Collegiate National Association for Music Education, Chapter 37

Advisor:Pamela Bustos pbustos@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Matthew Booth mbooth3@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of the CNAFME, Chapter 37 is to conduct programs and activities to build a vital musical culture. Improve the quality of teaching. Promote the involvement of persons of all ages in learning music.

Criminal Justice Honor Society

Advisor:Mimi Larson mlarson@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Trevor Funk tfunk1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Alpha Phi Sigma is the only Criminal Justice Honor Society for Criminal Justice Majors. The society recognizes academic excellence of undergraduate, graduate students of criminal justice, as well as juris dectorate.

Criminal Justice Student Association

Advisor:Mimi Larson mlarson@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Trevor Funk tfunk1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The Criminal Justice Student Association helps foster intellectual growth and career preparation by informing students about different jobs in the field as well as competing in academic competitions at both regional and national conferences.


Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Dr. Ralph Seelke rseelke@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Laura Halvorsen lhalvor4@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To help students explore questions pertaining to their spiritual lives and give opportunities to relate/connect with others who desire to grow in their faith and walk with the Lord.


English Club

Advisor:Hilary Fezzey hfezzey@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:English Club; Karlee Anne Schnell englishclub@uwsuper.edu; kschnel4@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose/mission of the organization is to enrich the Liberal Arts campus of the University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS) through the diverse field of the Literary Arts.


Financial Management Association

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Dr. David Johnson djohns78@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Nick Petcoff npetcoff@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:FMA is a nationally recognized organization and honor society for finance students.

French Club

Advisor:Virginia R. Donovan vdonovan@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Anissa Thompson athomp33@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To promote interest in French & Francophone languages, histories, cultures and societies, and to preserve and sustain French and Francophone languages, cultures and heritages.

Future Teachers Association

Categories:Academic, Professional
Advisor:Olivia Seifert oseifert@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Tom Barbano tbarbano@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To provide educational opportunities for all students in the education field or those admitted into the TED program.


German Club

Advisor:Tim Crow tcrow@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Michele Nordberg missesnorthmountain@gmail.com
Purpose:The German Club gives interested students the chance to expand their knowledge, both in terms of language and in culture. There will be opportunities to view movies, eat foods and, of course, speak with fellow students or even native speakers.

Got Kids?

Advisor:Carl Huber chuber3@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Tarah Groettum tgroettu
Purpose:"Got Kids?"? main mission and focus is to help students who are parents learn from one another, become a support system (group) for one another,and create/promote family friendly events on and off campus.

Green Room Troupe

Advisor:Cathy Fank cfank@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Nick Isaacson nisaacs1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The Green Room Troupe's purpose is to expand the theatrical techniques of its membership through various approaches and provide a service to the community's experience in the performance arts.


Human Health Performance (HHP) Club

Advisor:Glenn Carlson gcarlson@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Bryce Harp bharp@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of the HHP club is to encourage a professional awareness among students, faculty, and others interested in Health & Human Performance. The club encourages social networking through attendance at local, regional, and national conferences.



Categories:Academic, Recreational, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Eleni Pinnow EPINNOW@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Erika LeMay elemay1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To promote an interest in the field of Psychology for all students. Additionally, to provide social and service opportunities to members.

International Peace Studies Association

Categories:Social Activism, Human Diversity, Political, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Haji Dokhanchi kdokhanc@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Yer Vang yvang8@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:On behalf of the International Peace Studies program at UWS, we invite all students to become farmilliar with what peace is, and how we can promote peace internationally right here from home.


Korean Christian Fellowship

Categories:Social Activism, Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Dr. Ralph Seelke rseelke@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Hyun Jin An han@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To make a connection between Korean culture and other cultures. To help Korean students developing their spiritual lives & give opportunities to devote their time to the community by sharing a desire to grow in their faith.


Lutheran Student Fellowship

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:David Kroll dkroll@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Helena Miller hmille13@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Lutheran Student Fellowship strives to enable students to grow and mature in their faith in Jesus Christ during their college years.


Math & Computer Science Club

Categories:Academic, Social Activism, Recreational
Advisor:Steve Rosenberg srosenbe@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Sam Reiswig sreiswig@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To promote the awareness, interest, and influence of math and computer science on campus and in the community.

Men's Club Baseball

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Shaun Marshall smarsha2@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Peter Atiemo patiemo@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Provide students with the love of baseball opportunities to participate in a competitive club sport against other intercollegiate teams; enriching the university experience for those involved while developing physical, social, and leadership skills.

Men's Club Hockey Team

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Krisi Patterson kpatter1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Kevin Stormer kstorme1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The Men's Club Hockey program is on campus to give all students who like or play the game of hockey to participate in the sport.

Men's Volleyball Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Krisi Patterson kpatter1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Tyler LaRose tlarose@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Playing competitive indoor men's volleyball in the Wisconsin Volleyball Division III conference.

Miracle Handwork Club

Categories:Recreational, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Heather Kahler hkahler@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Chen Qian cqian@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of the Miracle Handwork Club is to make and sell handcrafted works for The United Nations Children's Fund.

Mock Trial

Advisor:Dr. Maria Cuzzo mcuzzo@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Emmanuel Tucker etucker1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Mock Trial is an academic, forensic, competitive activity that teaches students how to analyze, organize, argue and effectively present a case to the trial court for decision. It encourages teamwork, builds skills, and, most of all, is a lot of fun!


Newman Catholic Campus Ministry

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Brett Jones bjones5@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Lisa Pederson lpederso@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:NCCM, steeped in Roman Catholic tradition, strives to provide prayer, faith formation, service, and social opportunities for all students at UWS.


Ping Pong Club

Advisor:Tatiana Kornstad tkornstad@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Jinmo Yang jyang40@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Enjoy and practice Ping-pong!!

Political Science Association

Categories:Academic, Social Activism, Political, Professional, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Alisa Von Hagel avonhage@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Joe Fischer jfisch14@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Political Science Association aims to get students involved in politics and raise awareness about the ways in which government affects their lives.

Pre-Law Society

Advisor:Dr. George Wright gwright@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Ryan Corbiell rcorbiel@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:An organization devoted to those who wish to pursue a career in a law or law-related field

Pre-Med Club

Categories:Academic, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Michelle Arnhold marnhold@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Bailey Burns bburns2@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The Pre-Med Club strives to empower and assist pre-professional students in their undergraduate years and to prepare them adequately for graduate school and their future career paths.

Psi Chi

Categories:Academic, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Eleni Pinnow epinnow@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Kelly Bergstrom KBERGST8@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Psi Chi is the International Honor Society for psychology majors and minors. Our mission is to encourage, stimulate and maintain excellence in scholarship and advance the science of psychology.


Residence Hall Association

Advisor:Deandra Vavra dvavra@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Amber Borck aborck@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Residence Hall Association is an organization that continually works to improve the quality of residence hall life and community involvement by providing: opportunities for student feedback, hall improvements, and social and community service programs.


Scuba Club

Advisor:Nate Field nfield1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Jorie Strunk jstrunk@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Join us on our fun dive trips, help out in the community, take classes, and have a great time with the UWS SCUBA Club!

Shooting Sports Association

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Chad Danielson cdaniels@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Ian Stone istone@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:UWS Shooting Sports Association coordinates University student shooting opportunities, including Intramural shooting tournaments, formal competition, and recreational shooting time for instruction on marksmanship techniques and safety.

Sigma Tau Delta

Categories:Academic, Greek Chapters
Advisor:Hilary Fezzey hfezzey@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Samantha Lokken slokken2@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of the organization is to confer distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin-Superior (UWS).

Social Work Student Association

Categories:Social Activism, Professional, Recreational, Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Dr. Lynn Goerdt lgoerdt@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Sophia Phipps
Purpose:SWSA is a student run organization that has a dual purpose: to support student majors within the social work program and to foster community involvement via service and social activism projects.


Advisor:Julie Gard jgard1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Hannah Ness hness@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of Sojourners is to connect University of Wisconsin – Superior students, who have studied away with one another.

Spanish Club

Advisor:Jeanette Pucheu jpucheu@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Mike Chevalier mchevali@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To help students learn and interact using Spanish language and culture in a fun way.

Stimulus Club

Categories:Academic, Social Activism
Advisor:Zamira Simkins zsimkins@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Andre Anderson aander74@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To educate the student body about the current economic situation of the world. We help students learn and have fun at the same time.

Street Level Ministries

Categories:Spiritual & Faith Based
Advisor:Heather Kahler hkahler@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Jesse Moss jmoss3@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The point in everything that we do is to know Jesus, know each other, and share our faith with those around us.

Students of Science

Advisor:Dr. Edward Burkett eburkett@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Caitlin Daudt cdaudt@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:We pledge to expand horizons and reach out to the campus and community and provide science-related opportunities to enrich students in their education. We provide a relaxed atmosphere to students where they can pursue their science interests.

Superior Alliance of Gamers and Associates (SAGA)

Advisor:Allen Shepard ashepar@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Alex Chambers achambe5@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:We of SAGA exist to give the students an alternative recreation to relax and provide a fun atmosphere for the gamers and non-gamers alike.


Tau Kappa Epsilon Colony Interest Group

Categories:Greek Chapters
Primary Student Contact:Graham Garfield ggarfiel@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:TKE contributes to the advancement of society and the UWS campus community through the personal growth of our members, and service to others.

Tennis Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Krisi Patterson kpatter1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Katie Tarnowski ktarnows@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of the UWS Tennis club is to promote the game of tennis among UWS students. Allowing them to play in competitive tournaments with other schools.

The Nemadji Review

Advisor:John McCormick; Jason Iwen JMCCORM4@uwsuper.edu; jiwen@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:The Nemadji Review; Ben Holmquist thenemadjireview@uwsuper.edu; bholmqu1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:We provide a yearly literary magazine for students and community members.

The Stinger

Categories:Service & Volunteerism
Advisor:Susan Stanich sstanich@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Nate Hanninen nhannin1@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To serve the University in the capacity of the Press, to cover all important news which pertains to the students of the University of Wisconsin-Superior, both of news which occurs within the walls of the University and outside.

Transportation and Logistics Student Club

Advisor:Dr. Richard Stewart rstewart@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Derek Krivinchuk DKRIVIN2@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Create a network with local professionals and industries of the Transportation & Logistics field.

Triathlon Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Amanda Akason aakason@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Jacob Braaten jbraate3@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of this club is to promote a healthy lifestyle on campus through physical fitness, teamwork, and healthy dietary habits.


Veterans and Friends

Categories:Social Activism, Human Diversity, Political, Recreational
Advisor:Carl Huber chuber3@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:T.J. Smith tsmith21@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Our organization allows Veterans and supporters of Veterans a place to come together to discuss the issues that Veterans and non-traditional students face within the collegiate life.

Volleyball Club

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Krisi Patterson kpatter1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Volleyball Club; Emily Wilbur vballclub@uwsuper.edu; ewilbur@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To provide students with the opportunity to play volleyball on campus, whether it be competitive or recreational; to promote understanding of and appreciation for the sport of Volleyball


Winter Sports Club

Categories:Club Sports, Recreational
Advisor:Nathan Field nfield1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Manuel Rodriguez mrodri13@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose/mission of the organization is to promote involvement in winter sports, and provide opportunities for the practice of these activities.

Women's Club Hockey

Categories:Club Sports
Advisor:Krisi Patterson KPATTER1@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Women's Club Hockey; Jessie Baker Uwswomensclubhockey@uwsuper.edu; jbaker23@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:To allow female students to participate in competitive hockey, stay active and meet new people!

World Student Association

Categories:Human Diversity, Recreational
Advisor:Carol Knoble cknoble@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Kanishka Wijesekera kwijesek@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:The purpose of the World Student Association is to promote multicultural awareness and fellowship among the UWS student body, faculty and local community.


Young Americans for Liberty

Advisor:Khalil (Haji) Dokhanchi kdokhanc@uwsuper.edu
Primary Student Contact:Thomas Radke tradke3@uwsuper.edu
Purpose:Our goal is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates, and direction of our government.
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