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Recruiting Potential Student Org Advisors

Posted on Apr 17, 2013
Have you ever thought about being an advisor to a student organization?

UW-Superior has over 50 student organizations that require an active UWS faculty or staff advisor. Many times students have a hard time finding an advisor for their organization.

Student Involvement is creating a database of potential student organization advisors, so we can better assist our organizations during the recognition process. If you are interested in becoming an active advisor, please let us know which type of organizations or special interests you have. For a list of current student organizations, visit:

  • Professional
  • Academic
  • Governing
  • Political
  • Recreational
  • Club Sports
  • Human Diversity
  • Service & Volunteerism
  • Social Activism
  • Spiritual & Faith Based
  • Greek Chapters

We encourage each advisor to meet with student organization leaders to discuss expectations of the advisor role for the particular organization as part of the recognition process.

If you have questions about student organizations or advising, please contact Student Involvement and we will do our best to answer them for you.

What do current UWS faculty and staff advisors have to say about their experiences?:

"I begin with the premise that learning is not just in the classroom and these outside activities are there to supplement what our students learn in the classroom." - Haji Dokhanchi, Amnesty International & International Peace Studies Association

"The most rewarding part of being an advisor is knowing that I help them succeed.  Understanding the University processes of budgeting, spending,
and travel can be incredibly overwhelming but it is key to the success of sport
clubs.  Watching them grow from training to actual implementation is rewarding...
hearing them thank me during their graduation comments makes me smile... and
just hearing them succeed on or off the court/field/sheet of ice is always something that makes me proud." - Krisi Patterson, Men's & Women's Club Hockey, Volleyball Club, & Tennis Club

"I like getting to know the students outside of class; I feel like I get to know them better in a more relaxed setting and I see more of their "true selves." It adds dimensions to them as people (and hopefully to me too)." - Eleni Pinnow, The Alliance, Psi Chi, & Inkblots

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