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Art and India Meet in “The Energy of India”

Posted on May 13, 2014
Since Chloe Tirebuck has been using art as a way to express herself ever since she was young, when she returned from four weeks in India, it just made sense to use art to express her experiences.
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Art and India Meet in “The Energy of India”

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"Art was the unique way I chose to interpret the wonderful positive energy I felt in India…an exhibition could help others understand the emotions of my time abroad and maybe it would encourage others to also study abroad." Chloe,an Art Therapy major who will graduate this May, participated in the Emerging India:From Gandhi to Globalizationprogram in January 2014. Dr. Jerry Hembd led students across India as they explored the themes of globalization,localization, and sustainability.

Studying abroad is nothing new for Chloe, as she spent three weeks in Bali, Indonesia in January of 2013. She is fascinated with Eastern cultures and wanted to immerse herself even more fully this time. "Their way of life is so different than ours here…I love placing myself in new situations and trying new things."

"My favorite part about India was all the amazing people I met. I met some of the smartest people I have encountered so far in my life." Chloe was truly inspired by the people's positive energy, and hard work.

"The biggest impact of the trip was how much and how often I was pushed beyond my comfort zone." In the many areas of India where the students travelled, Chloe learned to cope with situations that were initially uncomfortable. She learned to be grateful for simple things such as hot water, toilet paper, and warm blankets.

While in India, Chloe worked to understand what she saw. She also wondered what could be done to make a difference and wrote poetry to process her experiences. She shared these final lines from her poem on development:

"We may not have it all together, but together we can have it all.
Once we respect the earth and our differences are irrelevant
That is when we will truly have development."

In early April, the Third Floor Gallery of Holden Fine Arts Center was home to Chloe's exhibition, "The Energy of India," which showcased approximately 90 pottery pieces, all completed in a period of 2 months. Most of the bowls, mugs, plates, and vases featured carvings portraying an image recalled from India. Her favorite piece titled 'Pandemonium', "is a tall piece that looks like it is tipping over but it is not; it's stable. I made it because while I was in India everything seemed so chaotic and about to fall apart, but it always worked and stayed up. This piece was my representation of that feeling."

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