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Google Chrome and Discussions Issue

Posted on Nov 25, 2013

Google Chrome Users, there are two known issues with the latest version of Chrome and the D2L Discussions area. The first is the dividing line between the threaded message posts and the preview pane is too high and you can't see the available messages. For this one, you might be able to adjust the window by placing your mouse cursor over the dividing line and dragging the line down so you can select one of the messages to preview in the bottom pane.

The second is that you can see some of the threaded message posts but it's in a small section of the screen that is only about two inches high and when you try to select one of the messages, it opens in that same small area and you can't expand the box. For this, you would need to switch browsers to Firefox or Internet Explorer 9.

The Desire2Learn Company tries to keep up with the latest versions of browsers, but sometimes the browsers come out too quickly and there are problems they need more time to address. Unfortunately we are not sure when these problems will be fixed.

News Contact: Stacy Leno | sleno{atuws}
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