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Checking the Size of Your Email

Posted on Dec 21, 2009

This week's Tech Tip will talk about the issue of mailbox size on the campus Exchange server.

Every Student, faculty, and Staff member at UW-Superior is issued a campus e-mail account.  This e-mail account is managed through our Exchange e-mail server.  Because of disk space limitations every person on campus is allocated an equal share of storage space on this e-mail server.  That allocation is currently limited to 200 MB (Megabytes) of space, which is equal to about 200,000 KB (Kilobytes) for each campus user.  To prevent this space from filling up it is good practice to check your mailbox size on occasion to see if it is getting full so that you can move and manage your e-mail.  Below are instructions for both PC and Apple computers.  Currently, there is no way to view this off campus; these instructions are only for on campus use.  As software and technology move forward we will publish new instructions in the future for those that use our Outlook Web Access system.

How to check your mailbox size on a PC

How to check your mailbox size on an Mac/Apple

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