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Using a Laptop and Portable Projector

Posted on Nov 9, 2009

This week's Tech Tip covers a few simple rules to follow when using a laptop and portable projector for presentations. These instructions are based on equipment that is loaned from Technology Loan Services in Swenson Hall 2100 for campus educational use.

  1. Always connect all of the equipment before you turn any of it on.
  2. Next, power up the projector and check to see that you are on the correct computer input. They are labeled on the back of the projector. Make sure that you remember to remove the lens cap from the projector.
  3. Now you are ready to power up the laptop. In most cases if you have followed this procedure the laptop will automatically turn on the external monitor port on the back of the projector and you should see the laptop image on the screen. If it fails to come up on the projector, all you will need to do is hold down the Function key and select the appropriate F key at the top of the keyboard. It will either say "CRT/LCD" or have a symbol for the projector or a monitor. The laptop has 3 modes that it will operate in, the external display off, the display on both the laptop and projector, and the display only on the projector. Every time you hold down the Function key and push the appropriate F key it will change to the next mode.

By following these easy steps you should have a successful presentation using some great technology. Happy presenting!

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