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Early Registration and Advisement

Posted on Nov 2, 2009

Hey Students… Early Registration and Advisement starts on November 16th. Have you messed around with "My Planner" on your E-Hive Student Center account.

If not you may want to take a look and see if it might be a good way to prepare for your advisement meeting with your advisor. The planner is located in the student center on your E-Hive and is a tool to help organize and plan for the classes you will need to take to complete your degree. Classes can be added to your planner from the Course Catalog or from your Degree Requirements. Classes added to the planner are initially stored in the "unassigned courses" section of the planner and can then be organized into the terms in which you intend to take them. When the time comes to register for classes, you will have an option to add classes from your planner to your enrollment shopping cart.

For more information on the planner and other E-Hive Student Center functions, visit our E-Hive My Planner page.

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