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E-Hive/PeopleSoft Shortcut Keys

Posted on Jan 25, 2010

This week's tech tip will offer you some shortcut keys that should speed your use of the camps E-hive/Peoplesoft system.  The E-hive is UW-Superior's student information system.  It is used by Students, Faculty, and Staff for a variety of reasons.  Primarily for student records management.

Working in a browser-based environment can often be mouse intensive. However, the E-Hive/PeopleSoft systems offers keyboard navigation alternatives to using the mouse. Here is a list of some of the most popular shortcut keys that you can use as you make your way around the E-Hive/PeopleSoft pages:

ALT+1  --  Saves a page in a transaction or moves to the Search or Add button on a search or look up page and will move to the OK button on a secondary page.

ALT+2  --  Returns to the search page from the transaction page.

ALT+3- Allows you to view the next row in a list when the button is active.

ALT+4 --  View the previous row the in list when the button is active.

ALT+5 --  Accesses the Look Up page or Opens a calendar prompt.

ALT+6  --  Opens the pop-up window on a page.

ALT+7 --  Inserts a row in a grid or scroll area.

ALT+8--  Deletes a row in a grid or scroll area.

ALT+0--  When in Expert Entry mode, activates the Refresh button, which validates the data entered on the page.

ALT+ . --   View the next set of rows in a grid or scroll area.

ALT+ ,-- View a previous set of rows in a grid or scroll area.

ALT+ /-- Finds data in a grid or scroll area.

ALT+ ' -- View all rows of data in a grid, scroll area, or search page results list.

ALT+ \ -- Toggles between Add a New Value and Find an Existing Value on a search page.

CTRL+ Y --  Toggles the menu pagelet between collapse and expand.

CTRL+TAB --  Toggles the focus through the frame set.

ENTER --  Activates the OK button, where appropriate or, On a search page, activates the Search button.

ESC --  Activates the Cancel button, where appropriate.

The next time you log into the E-Hive or PeopleSoft system, give them a try!

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