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Tech Tip: E-Hive/PeopleSoft Class Permissions

Posted on Feb 15, 2010

 This week's PeopleSoft tech tip has to do with the use of Class Permissions

"Class Permissions" is functionality that allows a student to register online into a class that they would not normally be able to register for.   Class Permissions override the following conditions:   

  • The class requires consent from the instructor or the department
  • The class has a time scheduling conflict
  • The class is closed because enrollment capacities have been met
  • The class has a requisite that the student has not met
  • The class is not in the same career as the student (e.g. graduate student taking and undergraduate class)

There are two methods for administering permissions:

  • Generating Class Permission Numbers - A series of randomly generated permission numbers are created.  A permission number is given to students who then must enter it when they register for the class online.
  • Identify Student Specific Permissions - The Students ID is manually entered into the system by the department in charge of the class.  This requires no action from the student.

Using class permissions versus the traditional "orange paper override" form is more efficient method to manage overrides and allows students to process these transactions  through self-service instead of standing in line at the Registrar's office windows.   

For more information on how to use permissions:

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