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Tech Tip: Screen Capture - show others what's on your screen

Posted on Feb 22, 2010

Have you ever tried to explain what is on your screen to someone?  We often get phone calls here at the Helpdesk where people try to explain the error they are seeing on their screen, but they feel it would be a lot easier if they could just "show" it to us.

This little tip will show you how to take a picture of your screen and email it to the Helpdesk (or anyone else for that matter).

To copy the entire screen as it appears on your monitor, press PRINT SCREEN.  The print screen button is located in the upper right corner of your keyboard.

In the body of your email, right click and select Paste.  Or if you remember our keyboard shortcut Tech Tip - hit the Ctrl-V key combination to Paste.

To make a copy of the active window, press ALT+PRINT SCREEN.  This will capture just the window you last clicked on rather than the whole screen.

Again, in the body of your email, Paste the picture.

You can suggest a Tech Tip, or see our archive of Tech Tips, at the Technology Services Website .

If you have questions about this Tech Tip please contact our helpdesk or call x8300 on campus.

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