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Winners Announced for Technology Services Drawing

Posted on Mar 3, 2010
Winners Announced for Technology Services Drawing

On February 15th Technology Services held a prize drawing to determine the winners of prizes in our "Ear to Listen to you" strategic planning input campaign.  Below is a list of winners that were drawn from the pool of people that submitted a prize drawing entry form (Online or In-Person) along with their input for our planning.  Congratulations to the winners.  All winners should have received an e-mail or call from us on how to retrieve your prizes.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank all campus Students, Faculty, and Staff that took the time to give us their feedback.  The input you gave at the in-person sessions along with the comments in our online forms will be used to help Technology Services better serve the UW-Superior community.

Again, thank you to everyone that participated and gave their valued input to Technology Services at UW-Superior.  If you have any questions please e-mail our Helpdesk.


IPod Nano:

Christina Kline and Kim Lebard-Rankila

$10.00 Bookstore Gift Certificate:

Kristine K. Adamic, Cheri Boreen, Joe Hochstetler, John Tallwhiteman, Jon Petersburg, Patser Lynch, Wendy Kropid, Amos Tarfa, Bruce A. Kibler, and Aaron Mastineau.

2 GB USB Flash Drive:

Britta Bloomquist, Kasey Hanninen, Dawn Jiskra, Pat Northrup, Wendy Saliin, Heather Leppanen, Heidi Saillard, Jonathan Ward, Chenwei Wang, Laura Podgornik, Char Matheson, Tammi Reijo, Mike Lucas, Angel Petite, Lynn Wistrom, Ellen Fure, Jacinta Kemboi, Heather Kahler, Kirstin J. Vaughan, Linnea Lebens, Lori Hughes, Tom Tu, Elizabeth Reichert, Dave Severin, and Lynn Nollet.

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