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Tech Tip: PeopleSoft Search Pages

Posted on Jun 7, 2010

Understanding Search Pages

There are two types of search pages: basic search pages and advanced search pages. When you select a page, the system often displays a Find an Existing Value tab (or something similar) that enables you to do a basic search and also provides an Advanced Search link

A basic search page enables you to search by just one field at a time, and then only using the "begins with" operator. To designate the search field, if more than one is available, select the desired field from the Search by drop-down list box and then click the Search button to display the results of your search. You can perform a partial search by first entering part of a name or description in the begins with text box. For instance, if you want to find all fields beginning with the letters PS, you would type PS in the begins with text box before clicking Search.

On the advanced search page, you can narrow your search, both by searching based on more than one field at a time and by using a variety of search operators.  A common example is the use of the "Contains" operator which searches for characters that may be contained within a field.  This works particularly well when searching description fields.

Saving Search Criteria
If you are conducting an advanced search, you can click the Save Search Criteria link to name and save the specifics of your search. If you have saved one or more searches, you can use the Use Saved Search drop-down list box to select a saved search. Once you save a search, you can use that specific search record in other search pages that use the same search record. You can remove any saved searches by clicking the Delete Saved Search link.

For more information on using PeopleSoft, click the HELP link on any page to access the "Peoplebooks" help delivered with the software.

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