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Posted on Sep 28, 2010

Tip 1 - Logging into Windows 7 computers.
Windows 7 is installed on all computer labs and teach stations.  Sometimes you may see the previous user's username displayed above the password field.  You cannot delete their username and type your own as you could in Windows XP.  Instead, you have to click on the Switch User option listed below the password field, and then type in your username and password.

Tip 2 - Learn@uwsuperior / D2L Stack Overflow error.
If you have Learn@uwsuperior saved in your "favorites" or "bookmarked", you may encounter errors after logging in from your saved link.  The solution to this is to go to the website and click on the Learn@uwsuperior link in the lower left corner.  This will spawn a new window and you may log in with no errors.

Tip 3 - Emailing staff and student digests.
You may get an error if you attempt to email either of the digests using a "saved" version of the email address.  What this means is, when you are typing the address for one of the digests, i.e. _digest_staff - if the address pre-populates your address field, that means you have a saved or cached version on your computer.  The server address for the digest you are trying to email may have changed.  It is recommended that you use the most recent version of the address by selecting it from your address book rather than using the pre-populating one.

Tip 4 - Print Credits.
Many students from previous semesters are used to seeing their account balance by interacting with a small dollar sign ($) symbol in the lower right corner of any campus computer.  Unfortunately, the upgrade to Windows 7 has caused an incompatibility with the software that displays the printing balance.  A fix is in the works, but in the mean time, feel free to contact the Helpdesk in Swenson Hall 1061 at 715.394.8300 or the computer lab in Swenson Hall 1021.

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