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Faculty and Advisors: New E-Hive functionality is coming in January

Posted on Dec 11, 2009
Enhancements to the Advisee roster, class rosters and grade rosters are part of an E-Hive upgrade slated for early January.

Application Services announced that they will be applying a software upgrade to the E-Hive in early January and wanted to provide advanced notice of the changes to Faculty and Advisors. The details of the update are available on the e-hive faculty/advisor help pages in the "hot topics" section an the staff will beholding an informational session during welcome week to provide more detail.  Watch for information from CETL on that session. 

Here is a brief recap of the changes:

Advisor Center

An Advisor Center tab has replaced the "View My Advisees" link on Faculty Center and the icon on the E-Hive self-service has changed the label to say "Advisor Center".  This change was made to create a more consistent interface that separates the Faculty functionality and the Advisor functionality.

New Search Tab

Creates a tab structure to apply to all self-service pages and contains sub tabs to Class Search and Browse Catalog.

Advisee Roster Changes

The advisee roster will include a new drop down menu that will allow advisors to switch to different advisee's when viewing a  Student Center or Transfer Credit sub tab.  Currently advisors must go back to the advisee roster to switch advisees.

Class Roster Changes

  • A CHANGE CLASS button was added to allow the Faculty members to return to the list of classes
  • The CHANGE button that was next to the enrollment status filter (enrolled, waitlisted, dropped)  was removed in favor of invoking the filter as soon as it is selected from the drop down menu. 
  • Meeting information has been reformatted

Grade Roster Changes  (change will not take effect until spring semester mid-term grading)

  • A SAVE button is now added next to the approval status field so that  you don't have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the roster to save it
  • You can now add the same grade to selected students as well as all students (previously you could only add to all students)
  • The same CHANGE CLASS button added to the class roster is repeated on grade roster to bring you back to your class list
  •  A collapsible class information section was reformatted
  • Buttons changed colors from Green to Blue and "printer friendly" function was moved off a button and on to a link (we have no idea why PeopleSoft did this)

Faculty and advisors will also note that some left navigation changes were made to support the folder structure changes for the advisor center and the search tab.

For further information, please contact Jim Rink at 394-8070 or email at .



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