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November 13, 2013

How to use new categories for the web calendar

Using the new categories on the campus web calendar helps website users -- and it helps your events find their best audience.

calendar illustrationThe Web Team is announcing some changes to the website calendar system to make it easier for you to share and find information about what's happening on campus.

From now on, calendar items will be organized in broad categories. This will allow calendar readers to filter all events to show only those that are most relevant.

The categories are:

  • Academic Calendar
  • Alumni Events
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Campus Conferences and Workshops
  • Continuing Education Events
  • Diversity Events (Making Excellence Inclusive)
  • Faculty and Staff Activities - Lectures, Speakers and Presentations
  • Maintenance Events
  • Miscellaneous Events
  • Student Activities

Calendar readers

When browsing events on a calendar page, first you'll see a list of all events for a day, week or month.

In the new "Show Only These Events" box, you can check only those categories you wish to see and click the "Submit" button to see a filtered list.

Website editors

When you submit events to the web calendar, you will need to choose at least one category for each event. The categories are found under the "Syndication" tab in the News/Events Manager.


  • Intermural sports would be submitted under Student Activities.
  • Department meetings and CETL events would be listed under Faculty and Staff Activities.
  • Arts and Entertainment would include music and theater performances and art showings.
  • An Open Mic Night or comedy show at Yellowjacket Union could be cross-posted under Student Activities and Arts and Entertainment.

These are just examples. If you have questions contact Tom Wilkowske (see below).

Please avoid checking more than three boxes for a single event. Many events will fit neatly into a single category.

Already-Submitted listings

If you submitted a calendar listing using CommonSpot, please re-edit the listing to put it in a category.

If you used the form to submit events, or have other questions, contact Tom Wilkowske at for assistance.


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