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May 20, 2013

7 tips for promoting campus events

Don't let your next event be the one that no one knows about!

Promotion is an essential part of planning campus events. With so much effort focused on executing a great event, though, promotion sometimes falls by the wayside. Here are some easy and effective ways you can attract some well-deserved attention to your event.

  • Post your event on the university calendar, and post it well in advance. Even if all you know is the date and time, some information is better than no information. You can always add details later. You'd be surprised how many events never make it on the calendar. (Hint: this is the first place University Relations goes to look for things to promote.) We even created a simple event form to make it easier than ever to post your event. Your event might even be featured in the 'Jacket Journal, the news and events page.
  • Is your event open to the public or just the campus community? If the public is welcome, submit your event to local community calendars at no charge
    (think about news station websites, chambers of commerce, local blogs, etc.). For additional ideas, feel free to contact University Relations.
  • Spread the word through your social media channels. Think of the
    collective number of "friends" of your planning committee members alone. That's a great place to start, because people listen to their friends!
  • Then there's the official university Facebook page and its 2,000+ fans. First, if you haven't "Liked" us yet, do that. Then, you're welcome to post your event information to the Facebook page, or send the details to University Relations and we'll do it for you. Also, it's best to use existing Facebook pages that already have followers, rather than creating a brand new Facebook page specifically for your event. You'll want to reach out through the channels that people already have a following.
  • What other campus units have Facebook pages and Twitter followers? If they reach your target audience, use them.
  • Did you tell the campus community about it on the Student Digest and Staff Digest? There really are people who read the digests. A good subject line will help yours get noticed.
  • If you create posters, think of how you can get your poster to stand out on busy bulletin boards around campus. Try using a crazy size, shape or color, along with clear, concise messaging. Next time you walk by a bulletin board, look closely to see what you're up against - and how you can cut through that clutter.

Those are just a few things you can do, but the important thing is to keep promotion in mind from the beginning. Get the word out early. Remember the ways you can promote your event for free (website, social media, digests, calendars). And never hesitate to contact University Relations. Good luck!


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