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University Relations


  • Headcount

  • Majors

  • Minors

  • Full-time equivalent

  • Veterans

  • Graduation

  • Athletic eligibility

  • Transcripts

  • Residency

Dr. Diane Douglas

E-mail: ddougla2@uwsuper.edu

Campus telephone: 715-394-8218

  • Residence life and residence hall operations

  • Supervision

  • Staff training and development

  • Supervision accountability

Mickey Fitch
Assistant Director of Residence Life

E-mail: mfitch1@uwsuper.edu

Campus telephone: (715) 394-8575


  • Campus finances

  • Campus operations

  • Buildings

Janet Hanson
Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance


Campus Telephone: 715-394-8014


  • Community and campus partnerships

  • Academic service-learning

  • Civic engagement

Jenice Meyer
Director, Academic Service-Learning  and the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness in Superior (GEARS) Program

E-mail: jkienzle@uwsuper.edu

Campus telephone: 715-394-8332

Web page

  • Enrollment trends and enrollment management, both at UW-Superior and nationally

Jim Miller Coordinator of Enrollment Research
President of the National Association for College Admission Counseling

E-mail:  jmiller@uwsuper.edu

Campus telephone:  715-394-8396

Cell phone:  715-292-2585

  •  Yellowjacket sports

  • Athletics

Steven E. Nelson
Athletic Director

E-mail: snelson@uwsuper.edu

Telephone: 715-395-4619


  • Teaching and learning with technology

  • Distance learning

  • Adult learning

  • University extension and outreach programs

  • Social media

  • Public broadcasting

Dr. Peter Nordgren
Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Outreach
Associate Professor of Library Science

E-mail: pnordgre@uwsuper.edu; pnordgre@yahoo.com

Telephone: 715-394-8475

Cell phone: 715-292-3484


  • Diversity

  • students with disabilities

  • low-income and first-generation students


Reilly O'Halloran

Manager of TRIO Programs

Director of Student Support Services
ADA Coordinator
Disability Student Services Officer

E-mail: rohallor@uwsuper.edu

Telephone: 715-394-8188

Cell phone 218-343-6951


  • Career planning

  • Employment and graduation statistics

  • Recruiting

  • Human resources

  • Interviewing

  • Graduate school

  • Resume writing

  • Salary negotiation

  • Strengths Quest

  • MBTI

  • SII

  • Professionalism

  • Personal branding

  • Social media

Kathy Pykkonen    
Career Services Coordinator

Telephone: (715) 394-8024

E-mail: kpykkone@uwsuper.edu


  • Admissions

  • Student recruitment

  • Enrollment

Tonya Roth
Director of Admissions

E-mail: troth1@uwsuper.edu

Telephone: 715-394-8264

Cell phone: 218-390-9094




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