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December 17, 2013

Website redesign sessions draw good crowds

Blizzard, schmizzard -- on Dec. 2, students, faculty, staff and consultants trudged through snow, munched pizza and talked website redesign.

snowy-old-mainNearly 80 UW-Superior students, staff and faculty recently attended listening meetings on the campus website redesign project.

To them, the Web Team says thank you! You provided a wealth of information that will help get the redesign process off to a strong start.

If you didn't attend, here's what happened:

Slide show

Using slides as starting points, Redesign vendor Figleaf Software asked members of the campus community about their experiences using websites in general -- and UW-Superior's site in particular.

Through five sessions, they asked questions and documented responses about numerous aspects of website design, including:

  • Organization and navigation.
  • Page width.
  • Use of images, color and background.
  • Density of information.

Figleaf will be processing and analyzing the results and expects to report back to campus soon. Members of the Web Team also attended most of the sessions and took copious notes (especially Mike).

Content comments

The focus of the meetings wasn't especially about website content, but the content understandably came up anyway. Some of the comments were, ahem, quite frank (ouch). Thank you for that as well.

After sessions like these, there's a temptation to jump in and try to start fixing any and all perceived problem that's mentioned -- even though one person's fix might be another person's frustration. That's why it will take time to sort out the results.

Figleaf will bring its expertise to bear in its analysis. The Web Team will comb through its notes to look for changes we might be able to make ahead of the relaunch to improve the website.

The Web Team will keep you posted about the next steps in the redesign process -- here on this blog, in the digest and elsewhere.

It looks like we're off to a great start.

Thank yous

Hearty Web Team Thank You's to:

  • Jessica and Rebecca of Figleaf for fighting through an epic snowstorm to lead the sessions.
  • Faculty and instructors, classified staff and especially the 20-plus current students who showed up to offer their frank, thoughtful observations and opinions.
  • Everyone who helped procure food for students and otherwise promote the event.

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