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Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center

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Success Coach

ph. 715-394-8406
office. Old Main 118
Veteran and Nontraditional Student Center - UW-Superior

Major/Program: Social Work

Why did you choose UWS?

Initially, location was the driving force for behind my decision., but after visiting the campus and speaking with some of the staff my decision to select UWS was based on the overwhelming sense of passion and love each staff member had not only for the university, but also for the lives they were impacting on a daily basis.

Like so many other nontraditional students, my path to UWS was not the one of least resistance. After graduating high school in 1997, I decided to attend a local community college in north central Kansas. For too many reasons to list, I decided to place academics on the back burner after one semester and pursue placement in the work force. Fourteen years later, I found myself happily married with a beautiful one year old son. Unfortunately, on a professional level I felt empty, and knew I needed something richer and fuller to fill my life. Since positions of this nature are reserved to those who have higher academic credentials than a high school diploma, I knew it was time to get to work. I attended WITC in Rice Lake, WI, for my first year and had a wonderful experience. It was during this time that I was also informed about the social work program at UWS. After some investigation and of course a campus visit I knew I had found the perfect fit for me.

Why did you want to be a Success Net coach?

I was initially attracted to Success Net because of the opportunity to help. I would like to think that some of my past experiences and personal strengths could help future students not only succeed on an academic level but excel in all areas of their lives.

What are your goals as a Success Net coach?

My hope would be that all students come to recognize Success Net as not only a valuable tool for academic success but also a safety net for whatever life may throw their way. UWS has a wealth of individuals who are highly skilled and truly DO care! My goal would be to not only carry this message but provide a valuable support network to all students willing to ask for help.

What are your hobbies? Free time seems to be fairly limited these days, but when free time does present itself, I find that family time and fishing to be the best way to quiet a once hectic day.

Favorite quote "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad"

-Miles Kington


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