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Bradley, Veteran and Nontraditional Student

Posted on Jun 10, 2013
Bradley R. Roy, Junior from Goffstown, NH
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Bradley, Veteran and Nontraditional Student

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Transportation & Logistics

What branch of the military are/were you in how long?

US Air Force/Active Duty for eight years

How did you hear about UW-Superior?

I googled colleges with Transportation and Logistics programs and UW-Superior as well as a few other schools came up. Upon further research, reading and looking at other factors I came to the conclusion that UW-Superior was the best place for me.

Why did you choose UW-Superior?

The program that was available, the cost of the school was less than the GI Bill cap, the size of the school and the average class size was small. The location was an area of the country that I had not been to previously.

What is your favorite spot on campus?

VNSC (Veteran and Nontraditioanl Student Center) "couch corner"

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

Member of the Veterans Club, Participant of the FMA Golf Tournament, Participant in DBE activities

What do you like about UW-Superior so far?

The professors and how helpful they are when I'm struggling with comprehending parts of a course.

How is college different than being part of the military?

College is a lot more relaxed than the military and the workload is less.

How has your transition to student at UW-Superior been?

Smooth most of the time, although there have been some tough adjustments that have come along.

What are some words of wisdom you could impart to our incoming veterans about your experience here at UW-Superior?

Take advantage of the Veteran and Non Traditional Student Center (VNSC) and what they have to offer in terms of resources that are available. Find a location on campus that you are comfortable with to study and work on assignments.

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