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Jeremy, Veteran Alumnus

Posted on Jun 7, 2013
Jeremy Bates, Alumnus of UWS 2011 from Oulu, WI
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Jeremy Bates, Alumni 2011

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Jeremy Bates, Alumni 2011

What branch of the military were you in and how long?

US Army National Guard/15 years

Tell us about your family. Did they have an influence on you coming to UW-Superior?

I am married to Tiffany and we have with three daughters. My wife is originally from Oulu, WI. We bought the farm that she grew up on. That is what brought me up here and by luck to UW-Superior. Due to having a family and not that great of military benefits I thought school was undoable. But when I returned from deployment I had much better benefits and was able to support my family while attending school. My wife was very supportive and picked up the slack at home for me so we could build a better life for our family.

How did you hear about UW-Superior? And, why did you choose us?

Online search for local colleges - it was close to where I lived, had the degree program I wanted, and was a state school which made it easy for me to use my state and federal benefits. I had attended two other colleges right out of high school and did not do very well. These schools had extremely large class sizes and I was unable to ask questions, participate in discussions, or meet with my professors as regularly as I liked. I feel extremely fortunate to have had another chance to go to school again and to attend one that prepared me for such success.

What was your favorite spot on-campus?

I really liked the study center in McCaskill when it was there. But now I would have to definitely say the VNSC. It would have been my favorite spot back then if it existed.

What extracurricular activities were you involved in?

Vets Club, LSRI, UW System-wide Committee on Veterans Issues, Student Veterans of America, SOAR

How was college different than being part of the military?

There is much less of a support system, not many people have your back. I was lucky and established some good friendships, and thanks to the small school we had a lot of courses together. Also, when I started I worked with some very supportive staff to form the UW-Superior Vets Club. Through this club fellow Veterans and Service Members became more visible and we were able to simulate that support structure the military offered. We shared information on who to talk to about difficulties we had on campus and how to get credit for our military experience. We brought CVSO's and Veteran Job assistance representatives to campus. We planted seeds for ideas that are now being realized like the VA work study program and the VNSC.

What are some words of wisdom you could impart to our incoming veterans about your experience here at UW-Superior?

Get to know your instructors. The instructors are happy to work with you one on one during office hours. Stay on top of your benefits and be an expert on them. Seek out scholarships; there are many out there exclusively for military service members. Get involved with groups you like.

Final Questions/Comments:

After graduating UWS I continued my education and growth attending Officer Candidate School and earning my commission as an Army Officer and have since completed the Chemical Basic Officer Leaders Course. I am now a 1st Lieutenant in the Army National Guard were I serve as a CBRN(Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear) Officer.I am now considering grad school, where I can further grow supported by my military service and benefits.

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