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Tarah, Graduate Student with Children

Posted on Jun 10, 2013
Tarah Lynn Groettum, Graduate Student from Solon Spring, WI
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Tarah, Graduate Student with Children

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Graduate studies in Clinical Mental Health Track for LPCC

Tell us about your family. Did they have an influence on you coming to UW-Superior?

I am the first person in my family to receive a college/university bachelor's degree. Now being in graduate school I am exceeding my family expectations.

How did you hear about UW-Superior?

During the process of researching colleges in high school.

Why did you choose UW-Superior?

It's a small college and I was used to small classes already coming from a k-12 school so this appealed to me a great deal. It's also a university rather than a technical college; which really appealed to me considering that I could do more with a degree from a university. The instructors are very supportive, understanding, and pleasant to work with on many levels. It is easy to get to know the students/peers, and faculty on a first name basis. This means that it is easier to communicate, build relationships, and so forth on a personal and professional level with faculty and students/peers. These facts are what have brought me back to UW-Superior for my graduate level of education and coursework. I have acquired a great deal of support from the UW-Superior faculty and staff over the years that I cannot even begin to explain or express enough gratitude for. There are so many ways to network, communicate, and build as an individual on so many levels personally and professionally here at UW-Superior.

What is your favorite spot on-campus?

My favorite spot on campus is the Veteran Nontraditional Student Center (VNSC) I feel very warm, comfortable, and essentially welcomed as a parent, a student, and an individual in the VNSC. There are student veterans, student parents, and students who are 25 years and older who sporadically stop in to the VNSC and study, eat their lunch, and simply hang out. For me, the VNSC is a one stop shop where I can study, eat my food, and use computers and/or print my papers too.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

I am involved with a student parent (students who have children) support group known as "Got Kids?"; which is a group that consists of student parents who gain networking and support from other student parents on campus, addresses issues, concerns, and ideas for policies on campus that they would like to see addressed. "Got Kids?" also engages in family fun activities on and off campus throughout the semester/year. I am also involved with a graduate student honors society organization known as Beta Nu Phi.

What do you like about UW-Superior so far?

I like the fact that UW-Superior is small, welcoming, personable, and focuses strongly on the equal opportunities of every student on an individual and professional level.

What are some words of wisdom you could impart to our incoming veterans about your experience here at UW-Superior?

Make sure you check out the VNSC website, and stop into the VNSC office as well. Come join the fun and gain the access and knowledge available to you for your overall success, experience, and achievements while on the UW-Superior campus!

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