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Spring 2013 WAC Calendar of Events

Posted on Feb 22, 2013

Spring 2013 Writing across the Curriculum

Events and Services

The UW-Superior Writing across the Curriculum Program's mission is to foster a culture of writing at UW-Superior.  During Spring, many WAC activities and services are available to help fulfill this mission.  You are cordially invited to participate. 



 For faculty and teaching staff:


WAC Grants:

Four instructors and one academic program are currently engaged in WAC grant projects.  They are busy designing or redesigning, or implementing course/curricula redesigns even as you read this!  This spring, we will offer a chance for instructors to apply for a new round of WAC grants providing support for their sustained work in enhancing the way student writing is used in a course or entire curriculum.  Expect a call for proposals soon.


 Instructor Consultancy Service:

 To find ways to enhance how student writing is used in a single class, a series of classes, an entire curriculum, individuals (faculty and teaching staff) and groups from any and all disciplines are invited to arrange for a consultation with WAC Coordinator Deborah Schlacks.  Help is available with a range of topics, including the following:

·              Developing or revising writing assignment instruction sheets

·              Developing or revising writing-to-learn activities that will help students achieve the learning goals of your course

·              Developing or revising major writing assignments

·              Providing students with appropriate scaffolding for writing projects

·              Using peer workshops and other means of encouraging students to revise effectively

·              Developing, revising, and using appropriate criteria for assessing student writing

·              Managing the paper load

·              Assessing student learning goals that focus on writing, and assessing student learning goals through writing

·              Revisioning the writing that occurs throughout a major or minor program

·              And much more!

Contact Deborah at dschlack@uwsuper.edu to arrange for a consultation or to get more information about this service.


Cross-Disciplinary Brown Bags:

This spring will see the continuation of the WAC Brown Bag series.  These informal meetings are for faculty and teaching staff from across the disciplines.  They focus on

--how we can best help students learn to write well in our disciplines

--how we can best help students learn disciplinary content by writing


  The following brown bags are scheduled for this semester:


Friday, February  15:  Encouraging Students to Revise (at noon, in  YU 201)


Friday, April 5: Encouraging Students to Use Sources and Citations Appropriately (at noon, in YU 201)


Friday, April 26: WAC Grants in Action (This noontime event is part of the all-day WAC Showcase, described next.)


WAC Showcase:

Join us on Friday, April 26 for the first annual WAC Showcase.  It will feature posters on various aspects of the WAC Program, including WAC Grant Projects, WAC Assessment results, and Writing Center highlights.  Posters will be on display all day.  From noon to one, "WAC Grants in Action" will take place, with students on hand to share their perspectives on way writing in their courses has enriched their college experience, and instructors who have completed their WAC Grant Projects each being presented with a certificate.  Location for the showcase and noon event: Erlenbach Gathering Place, Swenson Hall.


 Writing Center Classroom Visits:

Seventy-eight percent of respondents to a UW-Superior Writing Center survey named instructor encouragement as spurring their visits to the Center.  To ensure that your students are informed about Writing Center services and encouraged to take advantage of them, invite a Writing Center consultant to speak to your class.  It takes just five minutes of class time!  (Alternatively, if you wish to have your class come for a brief visit to the Center, for a Consultant to speak to them there about these services, we can also arrange for that.)  Contact Yvonne Rutford, Assistant Writing Center Director, at yrutford@uwsuper.edu , to make the arrangements.

For students:


Writing Center Consultations:

The Writing Center (Swenson 1030) offers free one-on-one peer consultations, both in-person and online, for all students concerning writing they are doing in any and all classes, no matter the discipline, no matter the level.  The Center is open from 9-5 Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays; 9-9 Wednesdays; and  9-4 Fridays for both in-person and online consultations. Beginning Feb. 17,  online consultations are also available on Thursdays from 5-11 pm and on Sundays from 6-11 pm.  Students make appointments at http://www.uwsuper.edu.writingcenter.


Writing Center Monthly Drawing:

Every student visiting the Writing Center for a consultation is entered into our monthly drawing for such prizes as 'Jacket Books & Supplies gift certificates and Writing Center t-shirts.




Special Valentine-Writing Consultations: 

In celebration of Valentine's Day AND in recognition of International Writing Centers Week (Feb. 10-16), the UW-Superior Writing Center will offer a very special service on Thursday, February 14: come by our Valentine Table, set up just outside the Center (Swenson 1030).  We'll have everything there (construction paper, glitter, and so on) necessary for you to create fabulous valentines for your loved ones.  We'll help you compose messages on your valentines in your choice of genres: prose, or--that most romantic of genres--poetry (in types ranging from haiku to sonnets).  We'll also have some classic conversation candy hearts on hand: their pithy little messages will surely inspire you to elaborate.


Watch for news of additional events for the semester, available to everyone: a National Library Week commemoration, the Second Annual Golden Pencil Hunt, the WGST Essay Contest Reception, and the Words on Women Reading.


All this and more….

Visit http://www.uwsuper.edu/wacfor more details on

all the WAC program has to offer.


News Contact: Deborah Schlacks | 715-394-8235 | dschlack{atuws}
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