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Graduate Art Education

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Graduate Art Education

M.A. Art Education

Art for Special Education   Exploration of art concepts, media, and processes with adaptation for the mainstreamed student with special educational needs. A study of characteristics of students with behavior and/or learning disorders, cognitive delay, physical handicap, and gifted and talented.  

 Art Education for the Gifted and Talented  Study of current guidelines, trends, and program options that address the special educational needs of gifted and talented students. Areas of emphasis include: student characteristics, art work characteristics, identification procedures, and curriculum models. 

The Development of Creative Functioning   Study of the creative individual; research findings on creativity; techniques for promoting creativity thinking and problem-solving in educational, clinical, and business environments.

Research in Art  Education   Students plan and execute an art education problem in terms of teaching, supervision and/or curriculum planning in keeping with their local school needs and programs. Students carry on an independent research study culminating in the research report written in style and form ready for publication. 


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