Undergraduate Art History

Undergraduate Art History

The Art History Concentration combines studio and art history requirements. A minor in an area outside of art is required

Art History Survey: The Ancient World to the Renaissance A study of expression in art and architecture which contribute to the Western cultural tradition.

Art History Survey: Renaissance to Modern Art: Emphasis on the changing role of art in Western culture

Visual Arts in Non-Western Societies: A study of visual arts in non-western societies including North American Indian/Native American; Mesoamerican; Oceania/Pacific Islands, Asian, and African cultures

Photography History, Theory and Criticism Survey of the aesthetic and fundamental technical history of photography as a vital means of artistic expression and communication in America and Europe from 1827 to the late 1950s

Studies in American Art: American art of the Colonial, 19th or 20th Century including sculpture, architecture and painting

Mediterranean: Architecture, sculpture, craft, and painting of the Mediterranean and Near East cultures to include any one or combination of Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome or early Christian/Bryzantine

Medieval Art: a) Early Christian and Byzantine; b) Medieval; c) Romanesque; d) Gothic: A detailed investigation of the art of the Middle Ages.

Renaissance Art: Italian or Northern European architecture, sculpture and painting from 1250 to 1600.

Baroque Art to Romanticism: The arts in Italy and Northern Europe between 1550 an 1850.

Issues in Visual Arts: Advanced study of theoretical frameworks, concepts, contents, and contexts in visual arts. Topic will vary from the spiritual and the sacred in art, psychology and philosophy of art, primitivism in contemporary/modern art, cultural politics in art, feminism in art, science and technology in art, among others.

Modern Art: Nineteenth Century, 20th Century, Contemporary or Post-Modern art and architecture and the forces which influenced the period.

Women in Art: Women's expression in painting and sculpture, primarily of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Black Art Topics: African American Art and African Art - Alternate every other fall. A survey of art created by people of African descent. Also discussed are some influences of Islam, Western Europe, and the Caribbean regions.

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