Kristina Wheatman

The faculty want to see students succeed on an academic and personal level and that's another really awesome thing to see.

Moving to a new city for college can seem overwhelming, even for someone who’s not a new freshman. Kristina Wheatman transferred to UW-Superior from Hibbing Community College. She wasn’t sure how she’d adjust to a city the size of Superior, but Kristina was pleasantly surprised with what she found. 

“Coming to a diverse campus is so refreshing,” she said. “The faculty want to see students succeed on an academic and personal level and that’s another really awesome thing to see.” 

Kristina made the move to the Twin Ports because UW-Superior is one of the few universities in the Midwest that offers and accredited Art Therapy program. To Kristina, this program is a hidden gem, along with the area. 

“I’m so lucky that I get to live in such a beautiful place to study in such a great program,” Kristina said. “Not to mention, the arts are abundant here! The community offers so much for artists and art is taken seriously. It’s so important that I can share my love for art with others.” 

Kristina has gotten to showcase her art at Pizza Lucè, a popular restaurant in Duluth, and looks forward to her future in the Twin Ports art community and with UW-Superior. Even though she’s only been on campus for a short time, Kristina sees so much potential. 

“I’m excited to get involved, meet people and grow here. Students are lively and willing to participate and that motivates me! I know I can thrive in this environment,” she said.

When it comes to her classes, Kristina has received all the help she’s needed and then some with resources like the Math and Writing Centers. 

“Going for my master’s and paying for my own education has its challenges, but my advisor Timothy Cleary has been so helpful with my stress and concerns,” she explained. “My needs are taken to heart. I’m impressed with UW-Superior.” 

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