Expressive Ecopsychology (Studio Arts)

Expressive Ecopsychology (Studio Arts)

Expressive Ecopsychology is a new focus within the Studio Arts concentration on both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It combines  the emerging field of  Ecopsychology with  studio arts. In addition to the Visual Arts' wide variety of  studio areas, courses include:

Ecopsychology Art and Meditation  Ecopsychology is an emerging field that studies the relationship between people and nature. It has far-reaching implications in sustainability, politics, and the arts on a personal and group level. Through art and meditation a deep understanding of the principles and practices of ecopsychology will be explored

Expressive Arts for Change   Experiential studio course exploring the expressive arts process in depth through multiple arts media and techniques. Use the expressive arts as a tool for social change and personal transformation to contribute to positive change.

Undergraduate Studio Arts

Graduate Studio Arts

Note: Graduate Studio Arts Program is suspended. Current students in good standing have until August 27, 2017 to complete the program.