Undergraduate Studio Art

Undergraduate Studio Art

Holden Fine and Applied Arts Center is home to the Visual Arts Department. The building includes two art galleries and studios for painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, printmaking, drawing, woodworking, metal work, weaving, and a meditation room.Studio Art  Majors develop a broad knowledge of art and focus on art training in a specific medium. 

  • Ceramics 

General course in clay, including throwing, hand-building, and glaze calculations.

  • Drawing

Concepts and skills of drawing as the primary tool of the artist. Emphasis on education of vision, composition, expression, and an exploration of materials

  • Ecopsychology Art and Meditation

Ecopsychology is an emerging field that studies the relationship between people and nature. It has far-reaching implications in sustainability, politics, and the arts on a personal and group level. Through art and meditation a deep understanding of the principles and practices of ecopsychology will be explored

  • Fibers

Loom Weaving - Interlocking fibers via loom mechanisms; includes experience with fabric structures, fiber characteristics and the effective use of color.   Off-Loom Fibers - Primary structures through a variety of manipulation techniques; may include primitive forms of weaving, felting, basketry and dyeing

  • Painting

Individual concepts and creative skills in the use of oils, watercolors, and/or mixed  media. Discussions and critiques supplement studio experience

  • Photography

Studio course designed to acquaint the student with the fine art of photography, basic camera handling, and basic black-and-white darkroom techniques

  • Sculpture

Introduction to sculpture using multiple processes to explore technical and conceptual aspects of sculpture production.

  • Printmaking

Introduction to printmaking as a fine art media.  Etching (spring semester), Woodcut (fall semester).


  • Expressive Arts for Change Experiential studio course exploring the expressive arts process in depth through multiple arts media and techniques. Use the expressive arts as a tool for social change and personal transformation to contribute to positive change.
  • Visual Arts in Non-Western Societies   A study of visual arts in non-western societies including North American Indian/Native American; Mesoamerican; Oceania/Pacific Islands, Asian, and African cultures
  • Studies in American Art   American art of the Colonial, 19th or 20th Century including sculpture, architecture and painting.
  • Issues in Visual Arts  Advanced study of theoretical frameworks, concepts, contents, and contexts in visual arts. Topic will vary from the spiritual and the sacred in art, psychology and philosophy of art, primitivism in contemporary/modern art, cultural politics in art, feminism in art, science and technology in art, among others
  • Modern Art   Nineteenth Century, 20th Century, Contemporary or Post-Modern art and architecture and the forces which influenced the period.  
  • Women in Art  Women's expression in painting and sculpture, primarily of the 19th and 20th centuries.  
  • Black Art   Topics: African American Art and African Art - Alternate every other fall. A survey of art created by people of African descent. Also discussed are some influences of Islam, Western Europe, and the Caribbean regions.


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