Alumni Testimonials

Elizabeth Carlson, Communication, Class of 2019

Store Manager
Mankato, Minnesota

I changed my degree to Communication as a junior and it was one of the best things I ever did. Having such a diverse campus, my journey through the courses opened my eyes to many different ways of thinking. It also gave me a chance to reflect on myself while considering others’ experiences. My degree was challenging and exciting in all the right places. Thanks to my professors and classmates I not only obtained my diploma but was able to grow into a better version of myself.

Elizabeth Carlson

Marcus White, Journalism, Class of 2017

Doctoral Student
Communication Studies
University of Iowa

What I found in the Communicating Arts Department was more than just another college program, but an academic family full of mentors and friends alike. Over three years, I went from having many doubts about a career to being ready to launch my life the day after graduation! From the knowledge of all the teachers and advisors,there was no stone unturned in making me into the best version of myself. As a result of my time learning at UWS, I was able to break into my field at a much higher level than I would have otherwise and set up for success in ways I would never have thought possible. And when graduate school came calling a few years later, I found my former faculty ready and willing to help prepare me for my own career in higher education. I feel as if I gained lifelong friends, mentors and colleagues who have been part of my life for both the hardships and the celebrations. There are many selling points that Communicating Arts can offer students, from small class sizes to hands on learning, but at the end of the day it was the people who made my time worth doing my undergraduate career all over again!

Marcus White

Moira Villiard, Communication, Class of 2016

Arts & Cultural Program Coordinator
American Indian Community Housing Organization
Duluth, Minnesota

Our world is built on communication - between not just people, but also objects and environments. My studies at UW-Superior have landed me in the field of Creative Placemaking - looking at how people interact with out built environments, and, in turn, what these environments communicate to the people that dwell in them. I came to this school with a limited background in fine arts and as a first-generation college student who went to school on a whim. I found my passion and direction through this program and now work professionally as a visual artist and community organizer - neither of which is a job that traditionally requires a Communicating Arts degree, but the skills I gained in this program helped immensely with how I approach each area. The applicability to so-called real life is one major signifier of a good education. Beyond all this, the faculty in Communicating Arts were incredibly supportive and genuinely excited for me as I used my assignments as opportunities to explore real life issues and experiences, and they allowed me the freedom to apply my own experience in the classroom.  The room I was given to grow was invaluable to my success.

Moira Villiard

Kevin Bayiha, Class of 2009

Channel Sales Manager
Kronos, Inc

My older sister recommended I take a particular section of Introduction to Communication (COMM 110). From that point, I kept enrolling into Communication class after class because they were FUN, exciting and challenging. Before I knew, I was close to a minor in Communication. I majored in Finance and Economics, and my communication minor was the best decision I made in my college career. On my first job right out of college, my minor was the deciding factor among peer job candidates. The mere fact of my asking after being hired, was something that didn’t go unnoticed by my manager at the time. Today, as a Channel Sales Manager, most of what I do is adapt my style of communication according to the audience, situation, context, and goals. In other words, most of what I do in my work is use those fun, exciting and challenging lessons I received from a very strong foundation in Communication classes.

Kevin Bahiha

Veronica (Bayiha) Quillien, Ph.D. Class of 2004

Researcher Artist

My BA in Communication built the foundation for my current research, whether practicing my theater skills to improve my language or inquiring about modes of communication. In the classroom, faculty nurtured my curiosity and welcomed my inquiries about the role of culture in communication. As such, for my senior capstone project, I researched storytelling and performed my autoethnography. While this presentation highlighted my highly mobile life (born in Madison, grew up in Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, France and Belgium), it also demonstrated that Indigenous ways of knowing can enhance learning in the classroom. Now, as a researcher artist working at the intersection of culture, language, literacy and art, I create resources pedagogy to enhance Indigenous/immigrant students learning in the classroom.

Ballpoint drawing by Boss Bass
Ballpoint drawing by Boss Bass

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