Uncle Henry Is Wrong — There's A Lot You Can Do With An Art and Design Degree
About three million college students will approach graduation day wondering what the future holds. As if news about the sputtering economy and uncerta...

Communicating Arts Department

The Communicating Arts Department shares in the mission of the University of Wisconsin-Superior as a public liberal arts institution by blending interdisciplinary theory and practice in each program area (Communication, Media, and Theatre) through both curricular and co-curricular experiences. The Communicating Arts Department facilitates the development of student knowledge and communication practices in the areas of personal, professional, social, and artistic endeavor.

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    Ana Reyes Lam
    All of the international students at UW-Superior are one big family. We’re all going through the same situation, so our bonds are stronger. Read more.
    Megan McGarvey
    As a Resident Advisor, I’ve gotten to connect with people from Italy, Sweden, the Czech Republic and so many more. I really don’t think I would have gotten these connections at any other college. Read more.
    Olivia Shalaby
    I want to be involved with doing as much as possible to get as much experience as possible. Read more.