Ana Reyes Lam

All of the international students at UW-Superior are one big family. We’re all going through the same situation, so our bonds are stronger.

By not having to declare a minor right away, UW-Superior provides students with the flexibility to decide what is right for them. That’s a part of being a Yellowjacket that Ana Reyes Lam really appreciates.

“It’s great that I can explore my options and take the classes that interest me and that I like,” said Ana. “I’m unsure what I want to do for a minor, so the ability to look around and even create my own minor takes so much pressure off.”

While she is still deciding on a minor, Ana likes her instructors in her Communication major.

“I enjoy all of their personalities. It’s amazing the relationship you can have with your instructors here,” she said. “They’re open to different opinions and that’s really important that we can be friendly and very serious with each other as well.”

During her time here, Ana has also worked with Student Involvement, is president of the Hispanic Organization Latino Americana and the World Student Association, and she has made many friends.

“All of the international students at UW-Superior are one big family. We’re all going through the same situation, so our bonds are stronger,” she said. “All of my friends are people I can call on and rely on. Plus it’s really cool to learn about people from different backgrounds.”

Ana also really appreciates the support from the Office of International Programs, which has been with her from the very beginning of her journey.

“Since they contacted me to see if I wanted to come to UW-Superior, they have always checked up on me,” she said. “They want to get to know you as a person. I love that they pay attention to you. It makes you feel even more at home.”

Ana travelled all the way to Superior, Wisconsin, from Guatemala City to have a small place with an open environment and green areas, and that’s exactly what she got.

“There’s always something you can do and somewhere you can go here. I love exploring with friends in Duluth and around the Twin Ports, and that I’ve met so many people, she said. “Coming with an open mind and being as positive as I can has given me the best experiences.”

Ana is still searching for what she wants to do in the future. In the meantime, she is making the best of her time here and knows that she will find her way into having an amazing career after graduating.

As a liberal arts college, students who study at UW-Superior can try out all their options to find the right choice for them. If you’re undecided, contact Admissions today to start your college journey.