Camisha Montgomery

I had experienced a connection and teamwork instrumental in helping me to overcome various challenges along the way.”

Camisha Montgomery knew where she wanted to be – even if it took a little longer to get there.

“I first attended UW-Superior my freshman year as an undergraduate student, said Montgomery. “For personal reasons, I later transferred to another university in Wisconsin, and received my Bachelor of Arts in Communication.”

Even though her initial time at UW-Superior was brief, the experience left a lasting impact.

“When I decided to return back to school for my graduate degree, I knew exactly what I was looking for,” said Montgomery. “I was looking for a university with a strong mass media communication department. Having grown up in Duluth, Minn., I began to research universities within the surrounding area.”

It didn’t take long for Montgomery to remember where her educational journey began.

“My experience at UW-Superior remained an educational path of which I enjoyed,” she said. “While growing up, my father also attended UW-Superior, and received his Master’s Degree in psychology. Through his successful and positive experience, I wanted to follow in his footsteps, but on a different career path.”  

As a graduate student, Montgomery found everything she needed to succeed.

“My favorite experience was working with Martha Einerson, Director of the Communicating Arts Department,” she said. “Her encouragement, enthusiasm, dedication and wisdom we're truly inspirational. The support I received not only from her, but all the Communication instructors went above and beyond what I could've ever hoped for.”  

It is that caring environment that Montgomery credits with helping her reach her academic goal.

“I had experienced a connection and teamwork instrumental in helping me to overcome various challenges along the way,” she says. “Thanks to these incredible people, I was able to successfully pursue and complete my Master's degree with a 4.0 point GPA and walk the stage with my other colleagues. I was also awarded the “Communication of Excellence" award from my entire faculty department. Walking the stage was definitely one of the most defining moments for me while attending UW-Superior.”

Currently working in Milwaukee as a Sales Support Specialist with the Principal Financial Group, Montgomery looks back fondly at her UW-Superior days.

“I consider UW-Superior structured and proactive with a unique talent to help students on a personal level persevere to successfully pursue and meet there and goal to graduate,” she said. “Even after I graduated, I was able to stay in touch and reach out to offer advice on resume writing and employment opportunities within my field of study.”